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Mother's Day USA

In USA Mothers Day is a national holiday and is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and gaiety. On this day people reflect on the importance of mothers in their life and thank them for their unconditional love and support. Mothers and children in USA look forward to celebrate the day with each other. Besides, in United States the national flag is hoisted on every house and important buildings on the occasion of Mother's Day to honor motherhood and the mothers of the country.

History of Mother's Day in USA

History of Mothers Day in USA is not even hundred years old. It is due to the hard work and protracted struggle of a loving daughter Ms Anna Jarvis that Mothers Day was declared a national holiday by the then President of USA, President Woodrow Wilson. President Wilson designating the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day by signing a Joint Resolution on May 8, 1914. Founder of Mothers Day, Anna Jarvis is also known as the Mother of Mothers Day. However, it may be noted that the idea of official celebration of Mothers Day was first given by a writer - poet, Julia Ward Howe in 1872. Julia is also noted for writing words of the famous Civil War song, "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and Mothers Day Proclamation, written in Boston in 1870.

Mothers Day Celebration in USA

Mother's Day in USMothers Day is celebrated in USA in a big way and has been commercialized to a great extent. It is considered as the next big day after Christmas and Valentines Day. Phone lines record a heavy traffic and card sales reaches its peak. Restaurants are filled to their maximum capacity as children don't want their mothers to cook on their special day.

At home children express love for their mother by treating their moms with breakfast in the bed or making a sumptuous lunch. Tradition of gifting flowers and gifts is also rampant. More commonly gifted flowers are carnations are these are the official flower of Mothers Day. People buy red or pink carnations for the mothers who are living and place white carnations on the grave of the mothers who are dead. Children also present skits, plays and song in honor of their mother. Some also make cards and gifts at home to show their gratitude for their mother.

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