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Motherhood Myth

Motherhood Myths: The unrealistic Expectations of the Society

The family is quite happy when the birth of a baby takes place! But with the birth of the baby is born a lot of responsibilities and expectations for the parents especially the mother. Besides the basic requirement of feeding the baby and changing diapers there are many other responsibilities that come with the welcome ceremony of the baby. For instance it is expected she should be protective towards her child and should be strong enough take care of her child. It is expected that the mother gets to understand all the needs of the baby without requiring the baby to say. People think that she should be able to understand what is appropriate for the baby at all stage of the life. The list of her responsibilities as a woman is never ending.

Aside that, it is expected that the mother looks contented and fulfilled in whatever condition she is. And, it is quite interesting fact that even after taking care of such a huge responsibility she keeps up her spirits and remains happy and satisfied. But it is a myth to expect that she cannot feel irritated while mothering. There are various other myths associated with being a mother that our society has made. Here we are going to throw light on some of the myths associated with Motherhood:

1. Myth of Utter Fulfilment

The society believes that when a woman becomes a mother, she achieves something so magical that all her pain and discontent disappears and that she is not allowed to feel unhappy. People think that the fact that she is a mother makes her a person who is always happy with whatever she does. All this puts an unrealistic pressure on the mother to be a super woman and look happy even if she is exhausted and depressed at times. Many people feel so strange, if it is heard that the mother is unhappy or depressed. They feel that she has achieved everything if she has given birth and she is now complete; there is nothing left now that can make her unhappy.

2. A Good Mother Equals Instinct Knowledge of Motherhood

Though it is believed as an inborn quality in every woman but for some, motherhood does not come naturally. There are many women out there who are not prepared for motherhood and the responsibilities associated with it. For them, motherhood is quite different from what it actually is. Some of them for that reason take help from their parents and peers to take care of their new born. Other family members have to be supportive enough to take care of the role of the mother and that sometimes make the new mother feel discontented as they are often judged by the society.

3. Only say at home Mothers are Good Mothers

It’s a general notion of the society that a mother is only a good mother if she stays at home to take care of the baby. It is considered that a mother is taking proper care of the child if she leaves her career and stays at home to take care of the baby. For a mother being paid for work should not be as important as nurturing the child by staying at home. It is considered that if a mother is working then it means that she is not taking proper care of her child.

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