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Mother Son Relationship

The Sweetness of the Mother Son Relationship

A mother is somebody who has a never-ending love for her children. Her presence alone in the life of her child makes a big difference. She is the one person whose presence cannot be replaced by anyone else’s love. Indubitably a mother loves all her children in the same way irrespective of the gender of the child but there’s something that makes daughters closer to their son and the sons more close to their Mother. The love of a mother is something that helps in making you feel a sense of satisfaction in life. Her habit to take care of every little need of her child makes her different from all the worldly pleasures of life. While the father takes care of teaching his son to fight strongly from the atrocities of the world, and the mother teaches him how to judge to analyse a situation from heart and take decisions from heart.

Mother-son relationship is one of the best relationships of the world. Mother is the first woman in her son’s life who is so very close and with whom his son can share every subtle things of his life. And the most delicate period comes in their life when another woman in the form of wife enters in the life of the son. At this time every mother starts feeling apprehensive about the relationship and becomes insecure. She indeed does not want to share this bond of love with her son with any other woman. This is the period when she has to make her child understand than no other woman can take the place of her mother. And the relationship should be such that the mother on the other hand should also be aware that not always she can keep holding her son’s hand.

Both the son and the mother should understand that there is a one thin line between dominance and love and that has to be maintained always for a healthy relationship. When love gets dominated by dominance then the relationship starts deteriorating. The responsibility to nurture the relationship is of both the Mother and the son and the effort should come from both the sides. A point comes, when mother should stop interfering in her son’s affair but that does not mean that she should not stand behind to support him. In the same manner it’s the responsibility of the son that he never takes her mother’s love for granted and he always understands and respects his mother. To keep the relationship growing here are some tips:

  • Sharing each other’s ideas and conversing at regular intervals is paramount to any relationship and when it comes to Mother-son bond, and then nothing is exceptional. Talking explicitly in an open manner will help enhance the understanding between each other.
  • Listening to each other is another aspect of a healthy bonding. A mother should make it a pint to listen to her son’s affairs without getting bored. And similarly the son should listen to all the advices that his mother gives him for his betterment.
  • It’s the duty of the mother to teach her son the better ways of life and keep away from disrespecting elders. In that manner he will understand to respect his mother when he grows and there would not be any drift in the relationship.
  • A mother should act as the secret sharer of his son. It’s the duty of both mother and the son to develop such feeling that they feel confident enough to share their secret with each other.

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