12 May,

Mother's Day Songs

Make this Mothers Day special and memorable for your dear mother. Sing these Mother Day songs on family tunes or quote them in the beautiful Mother's Day card or gift that you got for her. Mother will surely be touched by hearing these songs from her little kid. These sweet and small songs on Mothers day are also ideal for performance on kids concerts or other Mother day celebrations and events.

List of Mother's Day Songs

  1. 1. Thank You Mom
  2. 2. I Want a Mom
  3. 3. Mothers Day Song
  4. 4. No. One Mum!
  5. 5. Thank You Mom
  6. 6. I Want a Mom
  7. 7. Mothers Day Song
  8. 8. Thank you Jesus for my mum
  9. 9. I Love My Mommy
  10. 10. I Love Mommy
  11. 11. What Can I Give You
  12. 12. "M-O-T-H-E-R"
  13. 13. Mother's Day Song
  14. 14. On Mother's Day
  15. 15. I Love Mommy
  16. 16. I Love Mother
  17. 17. Mothers Day
  18. 18. My Mommy Helps Me
  19. 19. My Special Friend
  20. 20. I Love you Mom
  21. 21. Sometimes Mom Says
  22. 22. Flower Basket for Mom
  23. 23. A Mom's a Special Lady
  24. 24. Thank You, Mom
  25. 25. I Love Mother...
  26. 26. I Love My Mommy
  27. 27. Five Pretty Mommies
  28. 28. Mom Says
  29. 29. Mommy Takes Good Care Of Me
  30. 30. It's Your Special Day
  31. 31. Mother my Darling
  32. 32. A Song for Mothers
  33. 33. A Song for Mothers
  34. 34. THAT MY MAMA
  35. 35. Special Song for Mother's Day!!!

Mother's Day History

A mother is a God’s reflection. Mother’s Day is a splendid occasion to express and convey deepest love, regards and gratitude for everything she has done for us. To know more about this day’s history, click here...Know More

Mother's Day Mexico

Mexican food is every foodie’s delight! But, the beautiful country of Mexico is also known for its celebration in special days. Mother’s Day is a heartwarming event celebrated with great pomp and show in Mexican style. Click here to know more.....Know More

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