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Mother's Day Speech

Mother’s day is the celebration which is one of the favourite occasions particularly of the children. On this day they celebrate their mother’s love!! A mother is the emblem of love and she selflessly showers upon all the affection she has on her children. She is the person, who, without the intention of getting anything in return sacrifices all her needs and wants just to get their children’s needs get fulfilled. Without the presence of Mother, our own existence would not have been possible.

On Mother’s day, in order to honour and celebrate the sacrifices of people on Mother’s day school children and kids prepare for Mother’s Day speech and present it in front of their mother. Here are a few of them:


This year, Mother’s day 2022 is going to be observed on 8th of May around the world which is the second Sunday of the month. It’s a perfect time when you can show your love and gratitude to you lovely Mother. Mothers are actually the people who play the most significant role in our life. No matter what, she will build her dreams only around yours. The relationship we share with our mother cannot actually be replaced by any other relationship of this entire world. She is the reservoir of unconditional love that makes us strong. She is the one who keeps us showing the right path in life at every stage. So, love her, honour her and respect her love!!


There have been many philosophers and preachers in the past, who have often compared the character of a Mother with that of God. And it is indeed true that germinates a powerful bond of love between you and your mother. She is the first person in one’s life who makes every experience a beautiful one. She helps us learn life and the way of making life a pleasant experience, in the initial stage of our life. So, it is our duty to make the experience at the end a beautiful one for her. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to tell your mother, the deepest feelings of your heart.


The best thing is that, you do not need to express it in a grand way, rather a smaller one will do. A thoughtful gift, even a warm hug from her children is enough for her. You just need to plan something that will melt her heart on Mother’s Day. Tell her about your feeling; tell her how much you care and you can leave aside all the luxuries of life just to be with her. Do not hesitate to let her know that, she is your world and you cannot express your love in words. Pledge on this Mother’s day to make your mother feel special and loved for whatever she has contributed to your life.


Yes, once again the time has come when you can celebrate your Mother’s Love!! It’s Mother’s day and there’s a lot you want to tell your mother. No matter, however busy you are busy with your work on Mother’s day take some time out and tell her that your life is incomplete without her. A Mother-child relationship is the best of all the relations, there’s no substitute to it! Had she not been there, you would not have been able to learn and earn. May be she will not be that educated but she will make up an educated family. On Mother’s Day, we all should cherish this lovely relationship.


All the humans have been so, created by the God that, we need our effort to get acknowledged. On Mother’s day make sure that, she notices that you have, all this long years noticed her efforts. On Mother’s Day, spend the whole day with her and keep telling her that she is the person because of whom you have achieved whatever you have. All the hardships have gone though is worth appreciation. The thing is, she is never going to accept her struggles she has gone through in bringing you up in the best possible way but we have to understand her plight on your own. Mother’s Day is the time of the year when you can plan it out to delight you Mother. Make her feel special with special act of love on Mother’s Day.


This Angel makes our life simpler and full of love!! On Mother’s Day, it’s a child’s responsibility to make life a blissful one for her the way she did it for you while you were a child. We should plan out something special for her which will blow away all her pain. She only needs a bit of your attention and she will understand your effort. Hug her ands kiss her, she will feel loved. Mother’s day is the special occasion which is celebrated throughout the globe to celebrate motherhood. This Mother’s Day, make her feel alive by bringing on her face a sweet smile that she deserves.


Why is this Mother’s Day? God himself is the testimony to the great love of a mother, the sacrifices she did. None of us can match the effort a mother puts in to build the home you live in so, comfortably. She is the architect of her children’s dreams and she builds them by putting into the best ingredients. She puts aside all her aspirations when her child is born no matter what plans she had before becoming a mother. A Mother plays her part till her death and she expects her children to help them through her old age. Now that, you are big enough to realise her love, you make her happy by acknowledging her effort. On Mother’s Day you can gift her something she has been dreaming for a long time. Tell her that, life would not have been that happier, had you not been around to help.

Short Speech on Mother's Day 8

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen!

Mother’s Day is that time of the year when Motherhood is celebrated! Every child finds the most pleasantly surprising way of conveying love to the angel of their life. The love of a mother and her existence in your life is so pure that one should admire her every day. However, Mother’s Day acts as a reminder. This year in 2022, Mother’s Day is going to be celebrated on 8th May, (Sunday), with the similar zeal and enthusiasm. On this day, children make plans to give surprises to their mother and make her happy. This day has become a way of making the pious bond between mother and her children way more stronger. I’m immensely thankful to everyone here who has shown patience listening to my succinct thoughts on Mother’s Day.

Thank you Everyone!

Mother’s Day Speech 8

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen!

Today, I feel immense happiness to be a part of this celebration and talking about Motherhood in front of you all. It is nothing less than a pleasurable experience for me. First of all, I would like to show my gratitude to every single mother out there, who has nurtured the world with her unconditional love, and made it truly a “heaven on Earth”. Connecting this beautiful relationship of Mother & her children with my own experience, I want to say that the best thing that could ever happen to someone is their “Mother”. Without her love, life itself becomes a hardship! The purest form of love & affection that she pours in, secretly helps us meet that strongest person within. From my own experience, I can say that a Mother & her Love is the purest form of emotion that would ever exist in this Universe. I love you Mom!! Thanks for bringing out the strongest version of me with your supermom qualities & love!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Mother’s Day Speech 10

A very warm and fulfilling Good morning to all!

First of all, I would like to wish everyone here, a very happy Mother’s Day! It’s hard to sum up the love & affection of a Mother in any number of words. The purity of her soul is, so immensely pure that, it cannot be found anywhere else in this Universe! Talking about my own experience, you all would be surprised to know that I lost my mother in the early stage of my life. And, I clearly know the difference between a child who has been brought up in the shadow of her mother and the one who has been brought up in her absence. I clearly know the nightmare life becomes when you can’t see your mother by your side.

On the auspicious occasion of Mother’s day, through my own experience of being a child who has been brought up without Mother, I want to request you folks, please give back the respect she deserves. Make her feel loved and cared for, the way she has done for you. She is the only person in this big world who will hold you, irrespective of anything and everything. Close your eyes and imagine her hand on your head, you’ll feel a magical power touching you inside out. Respect this incredible power she bestows upon you. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show her that you are there and will always be. With this I would like to end my Mother’s Day speech.

Thank you Everyone!

Mother’s Day Speech 11
Respected Principal, Teachers, and my dear friends! Today, I’m here to talk about Mother’s Day and how a mother nurtures her children’s life. From the day you are born to the day you die, it is your mother who stands by you in every ups and downs of life. This unfathomable love and affection is the most important ingredient of a happy and fulfilling life. Mother’s day gives us all an opportunity to pay back a small part of the love our mother showers upon our lives. On this day, children express their affection for their mother in different ways; some buy Mother’s Day gifts and some plan plan different surprises for their mother. Mother’s Day 2022 is going to be celebrated on 8th of May. And, you should plan something special for the angel of your life beforehand. With this, I would like to rest my speech and request you to love her unconditionally, because there’s nothing that will replace her existence in your life.

Thanks you all!!

Mother’s Day Speech 12
Respected Principal, Teachers, and my dear friends!

Today, I feel immense happiness to deliver this Mother’s Day speech in front of you. To start with, first of all I would like to throw light on the unconditional love of a mother. Talk about any field of your life, and you’ll realize that your mother has played the most vital role in shaping it up. This angel, she works day and night to make sure that her children are being brought up in right way and are fed with right kind of information. She will do anything and everything to make sure that her children are happy. The sacrifices she makes and the hardships she goes through the entire process of motherhood is unparalleled. Mother’s Day is an occasion when you can be a dutiful son/daughter and make her feel happy to have you in your life. At the end of my speech, I would like to request all the son/daughter to love your mother in the unconditional way as she has done always.

Thank you!

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