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Rhymes on Mother

All of us know that, the most important person in our life is a mother. She is the God’s messenger who has been given the responsibility by the God for giving birth, nurturing and helping in the healthy growth of a child. Besides that, the mother takes care of her children till their last breathe without asking anything in return. Till now, nobody has ever been able to discover from where a mother draws such a vast energy. Her patience and the energy that she puts in to help her child in his/her growth is a godly affair. If we would start counting her contribution in our life the lust will be like and endless one. She keeps contributing to our life in every stage of our life. She is the single person, who will never discourage you for whatever you are doing and keeps you motivating in all the stages of life.

She is the beautiful creature who is not only beautiful by face but at heart too. Be it the bad or the good phase of our life, she will always be there open headedly to help in all our affairs. She is everything, a teacher, a motivator, a helper, a sister, a mother, a guide and a close friend. She is the nicest being in your life who believes in your efforts without needing an evidence for it. Her extraordinary qualities make a mother one of the most precious gift of the God for her children. To celebrate this beautiful creature of the nature, Mother’s day is celebrated. Children delight their mother with enticing Rhymes on Mother’s day. Schools organize for competitions of rhymes on mother’s day. Here are some of the heart-warming Rhymes on Mother’s day:

1. My Lovely Mother

My cute lovely Mother sew the buttons of my shirt
You gave me a hankie when I needed
You prepare delicious meal for me
You bought for me candies
You washed my clothes and did with my hair
My cute Lovely Mother, I love you beyond limits!

2. A Flowery Love for My Mother

Here is this flower
For this very extraordinary day
Just for my Lovely mother
On this Mother’s Day
I want to present Many hugs and kisses as well
Mom I love you for what you are and have been!

3. My Mother for You

Here are these flowers for you
For this special day
Just for my cute Mother
On Mother’s Day
I feel so lucky to have been born
To be born as your baby
To have a mother like you
As nice as you are!

4. My Dear Mother

O my Dear mother your love has always been special,
I cannot help myself but show to show my love for you.
Same as the flowers in a garden,
Your pure love makes me feel alive.

5. You Are My Sunshine: My Mommy

Mommy I love you
My darling mommy.
You make me contented
whenever I am depressed
Today I want to let you know you
I love you from the bottom of my heart.
Whenever I'm with you
I feel so cheerful!

6. I Love My Mom

I love my mom!
She is so good to me!
She makes for me delicious yummy treats and cookies,
She is my mom and she's really so cute!
Who wouldn't know?
I love her and she loves me
That's the way it has to be!

7. Happy Mother's Day my gorgeous Mom

Happy Mother's Day Mom
I love you for whatever you are
Here are my Hugs and Kisses for you
just for you, just for you.
My Hugs and Kisses for you
I Love You Mother!

8. Oh, My Mom

Oh, my mom; oh, my mom
Oh, my lovely gorgeous mom,
I want to thank you for everything
for being the one you are for me.

9. My Love for my Mother

My Mother, you are my dearest friend so far
All through my life you have always been near.
An affectionate smile to channel my way
You’re the sunlight which lights my day.

10. I'm Happy that I was born to you Mom

I feel blessed that you're my mommy,
Because your love makes me feel alive,
You love me and you show it,
So I feel lucky to be your child!

11. My Mom and Me

We are Best friends forever; my mom and me
We together pick flowers and climb trees.
I have a shoulder to cry on, a person to share my secrets to
Affectionate hearts and hands that really care.

12. My Mother You are the Sweetest

My mother you are the sweetest and
most tantalizing of all.
You know more of paradise
than an angel knows.
You don’t only look beautiful
but you are fervently young,
light-hearted as a kid, yet intelligent
Your love is like the hustle of life,
A bubbling spring
Which runs through all similar to light

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