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Mother's Day Poems

Once in a year, Mother's day comes, in order to lay emphasis on the role of our mother, she plays in our lives. None of us can deny the fact that our mother is one of the most important parts of our lives and that's one fact which is Universal in nature. This is the reason that Mother's Day is celebrated in every corner of the World with so much enthusiasm. mothers day poems Different people have different way of celebrating mother's day based on the country, religion and caste they belong to. While, some people think that gifting flowers or any of your mother's favourite gifts will be enough to make her feel how much you care, on the other hand, some feel that something real, something which you can communicate through words will definitely be great. Some make use of Mother's Day poems to shudder every part of their mother's heart.

If you fall under those who are looking out for heart-touching poems for Mother's day, then pause you search now. We have created this plentiful collection of Poems on Mother's day here at the website. Touch your mother's heart with these short and sweet sentimental poems on Mothers Day. You can also quote these unique lines on that special Mother's Day card and gift that you got for her. Your mother will surely appreciate the heartfelt emotions and treasure them forever.

My Love My Mommy!!

You kissed on my chicks,
You hugged me when I needed,
You helped me laugh when I was down,
You are the only and only one, who is always around,
I felt so comforted when you wrapped me all around,
You are the one, who helped me deal through my wounds,
I cannot tell you Mommy why my heart feels so sound,
It’s only you, who is the reason for all the happiness that I found,

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It was wonderful reading through this short yet mesmerizing poem. I was awe-struck the way it helped me to reignite the fire of love for my amazing Mommy. Indubitably it is a well-thought and a well written poem, apt for Mother’s day.

My Mommy, The Hero of My life!

Ohh!! My wonderful Mommy,
I am your sweet little Tommy,
I love when, you bring me close,
I love when you comfort me through my hushed and perfunctory voice,
I love when you fiddle with my hair,
The way you feed me,
The way you read me,v Even with the Sun blazing in the sky,

Latest Shared Story

This one has made me to realise once again, the way my mother has helped me through all my thick and thin. I can say, definitely, the writer will be having a great sense of a great life. I will note this Mother’s day poem down for future.

The Eclipse

where are you
I'm afraid to be alone
with the shadow
come back, turn on the light
as before
I'll cuddle you with a scarf
by the lamp
I'll read
my poems
silence only moth in the jar
fights for life
Poem by Anna Banasiak

The Little Mermaid

leaning over me
you read me fairy
lulled to sleep
you saw before me
future fulfilled
today I can return
and ask
why I’m still
your little mermaid
Poem by Anna Banasiak

Short Mother’s Day Poems

1. Mother you are an epitome of love,
A living example of compassion and affection,
I want to be around your miraculous shade,
Let me sit in your lap and close my eyes,
Happy Mother’s Day

2. Mom, I just can’t find a word to Describe,
The love and affection that you have given me,
I feel like the Prince of this home when you are around,
I wish I could get your shoulder to share in every birth!

3. Mom, I know, O cannot repay,
I just can obey,
Just obey you,
I love the way you love me,
I want you to know that nothing can ever replace that,

4. I have not seen a perfect human being as you,
You are the hope,
You are the desire,
You keep us all on the fire of your love and affection,

Funny Mother’s Day Poems

1. Sorry Mom, your son could not sound like a poet,
I love you,
I desire you,
You are the truth,
You are so cute,
That’s what enough from your non-poet son is

2. My dear mother,
I not the other,
I will love you further and further,
And, if you don’t like my poem,
Don’t blame me,
Blame the website from where I picked it,
Because, you know I am a bad writer,

3. I am gone try to write a poem for you, Mom,
On this mother’s day I want to gift you something real,
But, Goshhh I am not able to move my pen further,
Leave it; I don’t think I can complete it ever,
Hope you have understood my emotions,
Thanks for understanding Mom

Short Mothers Day Poems for Greeting cards

My Mother's Love
The biggest happiness,
In the Universe is my Mother's Love,
She makes my heart,
Feel the greatest Joys of life

best poems for mothers day

A Mother's Lap
Happiness is when I rest in your lap
Happiness is when you kiss on my forehead
You give me all the power of Universe

Healer: A Mother's Love
A Mother's Love is the greatest healer
It heals and helps you feel,
Feel, all the happiness in the Universe

Mother – A ray of hope
A mother is a ray of hope,
She can nurture all the areas of your life,
She surrounds you with all the hope and happiness

Mother's Blessing
A mother's blessing is incredible,
She is the reservoir of love and affection,
Bless yourself with this blessing

Mother – The Sunshine
A mother is the Sunshine,
A mother is so much divine,
She brings the shower of love,
To make you blessed with power,

A Wish for my Mom
I wish, all my mother's wishes come true,
I wish, she finds her way,
I wish, she is loved the way she loved,
I wish all her wishes get fulfilled

My Wonderful Mother
O Mother, my mother,
You are fine,
You are so divine,
I am my truest self when,
My wonderful mother is around

A Wondrous Mother's Day wish
I wish my Mom,
The happiest life,
The joyous surrounding,
On this Mother's Day,
I wish my mother,
All the love and affection in the Universe,

Mother's Day Poems for Grandmother

poems for grandma

Grandmother – A superwoman
How do you do it?
O' Grandma, how do you bring so much love?
Where from you bring this power to care?
You make me feel loved,
You make me feel cared for,
You have all the power of the Universe,

Love is my Grandma
It's only love that comes to mind,
When I recall your name,
Your power to love,
Make you extremely powerful
Happy Mother's Day

My Grandmother's Lullaby
I have grown up listening to your lullaby,
What a wonderful feeling it is,
To rest in your lap,
And, feel lost in your lovely voice,
Happy mother's Day Grandma

Mothers Day Poems for Mom

mothers day poem

Mother's Day wish for Mom
Here is my perfect Mother's Day wish for my Mom
She is the strongest shield of my life,
She is the brightest light of my life,
She loves and I live the best,
Happy Mother's day to the strongest woman I have ever seen!

Mother – The Powerhouse
A mother is the powerhouse,
She is love, affection, power and happiness
A mother's aura, it makes you strong,
I wish her all the Joy of the Universe on this Mother's Day

other's Lap – The safest Place
I know, you are around,
And, I am safe, I am loved,
I know, it's your lap,
And, I am safe, I am cared for,
O' Mom I find your lap the safest place in the Universe
Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Love: Paradise on Earth
And, the real paradise on earth,
It's a mother's lap,
And, the happiness on the Earth,
It's a mother's love,
And, the beauty of living,
It's a Mother's eyes,
It's too hard to describe a mother,
I wish my mother the best ever Mother's Day

Mother's Day Poems for Elder Sister

An elder Sister – The Perfect Mother Figure
An elder sister, she cares like a mother,
She teaches like a mother,
She hugs you affectionately like a mother,
She is the perfect Mother figure
Happy Mother's Day to all elder sisters out there

Love of my Elder Sister
She is not the mother,
But, my sister;
She had always acted like my mother
She is been the pillar of my strength
Thank you Sister for always being there
Love you!!

poems for elder sister

My strength, my sister
And, whenever you are around,
I don't miss mommy,
You are so perfect,
I don't know what makes you so perfect,
I am the apple of your eyes,
And, I am yours
Happy Mother's Day Sister

Mothers Day Poems for Mother-in-law
My Love my Mother-in-law
I have never thought,
You would be this loving,
I never thought,
You would be this caring,
You make me feel loved,
You make me cared for,
Every time I need you,
Happy Mother's Day

Thank you Mother-in-law
May be it's the law connecting us,
But, your love has connected my heart,
Connected my heart with yours,
I just want to thank you, Thank you for every little thing,

Mothers Day Poems for Step-Mother
Happy Mother's Day Step-Mom
I may not be connected to you by blood,
But, I feel that connection by heart,
Your love had established the deepest connection,
You are just my Mom,
There isn't any step to cross

Love you Step-Mom
And, it was so magical,
How you brought about so much love,
So much of love in our relationship,
It was magical;
How you became a part of my life,
It was magical;
How you accepted with so much affection,
Love you step Mom

Plethora of Wishes for my Step Mom
I wish you all the happiness,
I wish you all the love,
I wish you all the affections,
I wish you all the freedom in life,
You are not my blood mother,
But, you are my soul mother,

Mother’s Day Poems from Daughter

1. I have seen you happy,
I have seen you sad,
I have seen you love,
I have seen you laugh,
And, every part of it has made me strong,
I have learnt from you,
I have lived with you,
Mother’s day is another chance for me to say thank you,
Every cell of my body wants to say Thank you!!

2. When I was a child,
I did not have that mind,
But, I think today,
I speculate today,
It was great of you,
I got fate of a few,
You surrounded me with love,
You bounded with your affection,
I wish you a wonderful day,
On this Mother’s Day

3. The ups and downs with you were fine,
But, the joy and happiness are not so divine,
The storms that came were happiness with you,
But the shower of Joy felt just a few,
I want to be just a part of you,
I want to look like you,
Thanks for being my mother
Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Poems from Son

1. This is the message of love,
That I am sending for you, Mom,
This is a message of affection,
That I am sending to show my connection,
Love me and never leave me,
I am incomplete without you,
I am do not exist without you,
Hey mom, keep loving me,
Keep being around me,
It gives me contention,
It removes all my tensions,
Happy mother’s Day

poem for mom from son

2. Hey Mommy, you included in my world,
You brought so much happiness in my life,
You brought so much love in my life,
You are my Sunshine,
You make my world so fine,
I love you for what you are,
I love you for what I have,

3. You are the precious diamond in my life,
You are the gift of my desire,
You love and so I grow,
You love and so I live,
You love and so I believe,
There’s happiness in my world just because of you,
There’s Joy all around just because of you,
Keep in my heart; keep me in my life,
That’s what I will desire!!

List of Poems on Mother's Day

  1. M - O - T - H - E - R
  2. Before I was a Mom
  3. Only One Mother
  4. Wonderful Mother
  5. And Grandma's too...
  6. Mother's Love
  7. More Than A Mother
  8. A Poem For My Mother
  9. I Love You Mom!
  10. A Mother's Love
  11. Mother...
  12. You Were There...
  13. Mother
  14. To My Mother
  15. A Mother...
  16. I Miss You, Mom
  17. If I Knew As A Child
  18. I Wish I Could Tell You, Mom
  19. I Said A Mother's Prayer For You
  20. Thank You Mom
  21. Your Mother Is Always With You...
  22. Mothers Day
  23. Mom And Me
  24. My Mother
  25. Precious Mother
  26. My Mother Kept A Garden
  27. As I Look Back...
  28. Mommy I Love You
  29. This One Is For Grandmothers!
  30. I Love You Mother
  31. God's Gift
  32. Untitled-1
  33. Untitled-2
  34. Untitled-3
  35. Thank God for our Mothers
  36. I miss you
  37. Miss You Mom as i Grow
  38. Love to you Grandma
  39. Salute To My Mother
  40. The Sweetest Mother
  41. Mum
  42. My Mother
  43. A Heart Just like Mom
  44. A Mother's Love
  45. Happy Mothers Day
  46. I see you now
  47. To My Wonderful Wife Tezz
  48. A cold morning
  49. My Mom
  50. Here is a day
  51. I Love You Mum
  52. My Sweet Mother
  53. Mom's Love
  54. A Mother
  55. Thank You Mom For Everything
  56. Mom's
  57. Mother's
  58. My Fortune, My Mother
  59. The Best mother that I LOVE
  60. No Matter What I Do
  62. I Love You, MOM
  63. Mom, I Love You So Much
  64. God Knows!
  65. My Mother
  66. Oh! my mother
  67. Mother..

Mother's Hands
You baked for me the world
smelling of bread
of childhood
still warm
from words and emotions
Your hands full of memories
stopped time for me
run out from my poems
I will hide you in dreams.

lull me lull
in you
without words
with you
the whole world
is laughing
in memory
always together
my childhood
without you
there is no us

The Eclipse
where are you
I'm afraid to be alone
with the shadow
come back, turn on the light
as before
I'll cuddle you with a scarf
by the lamp
I'll read
my poems
silence only moth in the jar
fights for life

I have to
my tangled life
put things in the drawers
before your arrival
I'll make you a cake
and you'll tell me a story
with the dog
we'll go into the past

with afternoon tea I come back
to the past
when you were here
we baked apples
with crumble
dog in the kitchen
fawned over you
the smell of baked cabbage
teased everyone
smelt this time

forgive me mom
unnecessary words
cast in the existence
you abandoned

The Cradle
lull me
hearing dreams
with good memories

I like when you fondle me
remove weights with touch
in the baby tub
I splatter soap bubbles
with rubber toys
in your hands

you are
like a dream
and fragile
yet stroke me
I will stop for us time
but you in a blink of an eye
tired of coughing
leave so suddenly
in the sleepy existence

fleeing shadow is afraid of loneliness
looking for heat
purrs in the arms of mother
on the run loses clues
confuses dates and time
twist numbers
in the waiting room of life
in the ball of memories
intently weaves each day
as if it were the last

Mom you left me
emptiness guilt
and regret
you've gone
without saying goodbye
without a luggage

I'm so glad
that You're back
cuddle me
from the world

I hid You in a poem
warm like your look
words are laughing
true like your and my life
I'm not afraid any more

fun with mother
forgotten fairy
castles with blocks
bubbles broke
flew away butterflies
tin soldiers fell silent
time is watching us
stops behind the threshold
of childhood

The Walk
in spare time
mom and I walked
to the candy store
cinnamon and roasted peanuts
invited wasps
to dance
in the lazy summer rhythm

The return
Mom I'm here
I brought You a medicine for headache
come back home
we'll make today a favourite cake
in the evening You'll tell me a fairy tale
and tomorrow we'll sew clothes for dolls
I'll be polite
just do not go away

The Little Mermaid
leaning over me
you read me fairy
lulled to sleep
you saw before me
future fulfilled
today I can return
and ask
why I'm still
your little mermaid

I apologize mom
that I do not care about the future
when listening to jazz
I write another poem
I find the desired peace

The Playroom
I'm four feet tall
in the Japanese dress
I climb the trees
chase butterflies
I walk the turtle Winnie
score goals
watch fairies on the wall
about Bear Fąfeluszek about The Snow Queen
I do not want to grow up
I listen to Gulliver's Travels and Eskimo tales
I slip into a well without a bottom
everything happens too fast
time is rushing like a train set
in the playroom

The Rhythm
is like sunrise
she brightens
allows to leave
from the black
flows like a wave
and safely
lulls me to sleep

Mother's Day Poem in Polish

Dłonie Matki
wypiekłaś dla mnie świat
pachnący chlebem dzieciństwa
jeszcze ciepły
od słów i wzruszeń
twoje dłonie pełne wspomnień
zatrzymały czas
w moich wierszach
i snach

kołysz mnie kołysz
w Tobie
bez słów
z Tobą
śmieje się
cały świat
w pamięci
zawsze razem
moje dzieciństwo
bez Ciebie
nie ma nas

gdzie jesteś
boję się zostać sama
z cieniem
wróć, zapal światło
jak dawniej
otulę Cię szalem
przy lampie
moje wiersze
cisza tylko ćma w kloszu
walczy o życie

moje rozczochrane życie
ułożyć rzeczy w szufladach
przed twoim przyjazdem
zrobię Ci ciasto
a ty opowiesz mi bajkę
razem z psem
pobiegniemy w przeszłość

z herbatką wracam
do przeszłości
kiedy byłaś
piekłyśmy jabłka
z kruszonką
pies w kuchni
łasił się do Ciebie
zapach pieczonych gołąbków
drażnił wszystkich
pachniał ten czas

wybacz mi mamo
słowa niepotrzebne
bez umiaru rzucane
w porzucone przez ciebie

zakołysz mnie
a usłyszysz sny
z dobrymi

lubię kiedy mnie pieścisz
zdejmujesz dotykiem ciężary
w dziecinnej wanience
rozpryskuję bańki mydlane
gumowymi zabawkami
w twoich dłoniach

jak marzenie
i krucha
jeszcze pogłaskaj mnie
zatrzymam dla nas czas
ale ty w mgnieniu oka
zmęczona kaszlem
odchodzisz tak nagle
w senne istnienie

Uciekający cień boi się samotności
szuka ciepła
mruczy w ramionach matki
w biegu gubi wskazówki
myli daty i godziny
wykręca numery
w poczekalni życia
plącze się
w kłębku wspomnień
w skupieniu tka każdy dzień
jakby był już ostatni

zostawiłaś mi
pustkę winę
i żal
bez pożegnania
bez bagażu samotna wolna

tak się cieszę
że wróciłaś
otul mnie
ukryj przed światem

ukryłam cię w wierszu
ciepłym jak twoje spojrzenie
śmieją się słowa
jak twoje i moje życie
którego się już nie boję

zabawy z matką
zapomniane bajki
zamki z klocków
rozsypały się
pękły bańki mydlane
odleciały motyle
ołowiane żołnierzyki zamilkły
czas przegląda się w nas
zatrzymuje za progiem

w wolnym czasie
chodziłyśmy z mamą
do cukierni
i pieczone orzeszki
zapraszały osy do tańca
w leniwym rytmie

Mamo jestem tu
przyniosłam ci lek na ból głowy
wracaj do domu
zrobimy dziś ulubione ciasto
wieczorem opowiesz mi bajkę
a jutro uszyjemy ubranka dla lalek
będę grzeczna
tylko nie odchodź
już nigdy

Mała syrenka
Pochylona nade mną
czytałaś mi bajki
kołysałaś do snu
widziałaś przede mną
przyszłość spełnioną
dziś mogę powrócić
i zapytać dlaczego
jestem wciąż twoją
małą syrenką

przepraszam cię mamo,
że nie dorastam
nie dbam o przyszłość
kiedy wsłuchana w jazz
piszę kolejny wiersz
odnajduję upragniony spokój

Pokój zabaw
mam metr dwadzieścia
w japońskiej sukieneczce
wspinam się po drzewach
łapię motyle na łące
wyprowadzam na spacer żółwia Kubusia
strzelam bramkę
oglądam baśnie na ścianie
o Misiu Fąfeluszku o Królowej Śniegu
nigdy nie dorosnę
słucham Podróży Guliwera Baśni eskimoskich
wchodzę do studni bez dna
wszystko dzieje się zbyt szybko
czas pędzi jak kolejka
w pokoju zabaw

jest jak wschód słońca
pozwala wyjść
z czarnej
przepływa jak fala
przytulnie i bezpiecznie kołysze mnie do snu

About the Author

Anna BanasiakI'm a poet and occupational therapist. My poems have been published in New York,London,Surrey,Australia,Canada,India, Africa,Japan,China,Israel.I'm the winner of poetry competitions in London,Berlin,Bratislava. I'm the winner of poetry competitions on Poems and Quotes. I'm the winner of gold,silver,bronze medal on All Poetry. I'm the winner in All about Love Challenge. I published a book for children, book of poems "Duet of Waves" in English and Japanese co-authored with Yoshimasa Kanou and "Duet of Tears" co-authored with Noriko Nagaoka. I'm interested in art and psychology.
- Anna Banasiak

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