14 May,

First Mother's Day

A woman's First Mothers Day evokes mixed feelings of joy and pride. It is the time for the new mother to celebrate first mothers day. She must relish the joys of holding her baby, to feel her own heartbeat inside it and should take pride in the fact that she is the 'mother' of that adorable little child. On the special day of the new mother, child's father and other close relatives and friends must come forward to hold celebrations and make the mother feel important and happy.

Fathers to Celebrate Wife's First Mother's Day

First Mother's DayAs the baby is too young to say thanks to its mothers, wife's first Mother's Day Celebrations should be celebrated by the child's father.Fathers must take initiative to give a special day to the new mother.They must realise that it is tiresome for the mother too handle the infant all the time. She should be given a days rest and fathers must take responsibility of looking after the child, changing nappies and feeding the baby, atleast for a day. It would be a nice idea to pamper the mother with flowers, cards and a gift. She would forget the drudgery of child rearing and feel proud of being a mother.

Time to say Thank You to your own Mother

First Mothers Day is also the time when a woman realises the value of her own mother. The mothers words, "You will not understand the importance of all I do for you till you yourself become a mother!",keep reoccurring in her mind and would sound so very true. The new mother feels all the more grateful to her own mother for bring her up so well and being so caring a mother. On her first Mothers Day, the new mother must say a big thank you to her own mother with a big hug.

Mother's Day History

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Mother's Day Mexico

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