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Mother Daughter Relationship

Mother-Daughter: What Kind of Relationship You Share?

It’s for sure that no one is as affectionate and lovable as my mom!! No one is as appreciative as a mother and at the same time no one is as blunt in giving straightforward comments on your bad behaviours or anything that her daughter does in the wrong way. A mother is a person who plays all the major roles in her daughter’s life, be it a friend, a father, a sister or anything when required. There are indeed various types of relationship mothers-daughters share. Some of them may be more of friendly kind some may be into a little strict relationship with their daughter and alike.

Here we are going to describe some of the type of relationships that are shared by people of different taste:

1. The Best friend Relationship Type

There are Mothers and daughters who share more of the friendly relationship with each other. A Mother plays the best friend for her daughter and shares nitty-gritty of her daughter’s affairs. They can talk all the stuffs friends share with each other from the subtle things to serious discussions. Such type of relationship of a daughter with her mother, let’s a daughter share all the insecurities of life. This kind of mother-daughter relationship is the best relationship as it gives so many topics to talk on and gossip.

2. The Sunday Caller Types Mother-Daughter Relationship

In such type of relationship a daughter only wants to share some selective aspects of her life with her mother. The daughter calls her weekly and she probably lives somewhere far away from her mother. This type of relationship is though one of the best relationship but it’s only that not everything can be shared between daughter and mother. For many daughters it’s perfectly well to maintain the space and meet their mother once in a week. This kind of relationship with one’s mother shows that your relationship with your mother is strong and it has the ability to tolerate distance.

3. Can’t Live with Her but Can’t Leave Her

This is kind of love-hate relationship! A bizarre kind of relationship where small tip exerts keep taking place. Small battles followed upon shower of unconditional love and affection is the characteristic of this type of Mother-daughter relationship. The relationship is so profound that even if at times it feels that your daughter does not like you, you live happily with the fact. And the fact that, a mother and daughter cannot live without each other for long, makes this type of relationship, one of the best relationships. It therefore, is the most poignant and honest example of healthy relationship.

5. A Caring Daughter-Mother Relationship

In this type of a daughter-Mother relationship most of the work is done by the Mother while the daughter parties, and goes for night-outs. These mothers love to pamper their daughter and help them out in whatever they do. They never feel unappreciated whenever their efforts are not noticed by their daughter. These mothers enjoy seeing their daughters enjoy their life!!

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