12 May,

Motherhood: The Purest form of Human Existence!!

Motherhood in essence can be defined differently by different people!! For some it may be the art of raising children, for some it may be the way a lady manages all the household chores and her children along with her career. And, to some might be something that defines their personality. It’s the need of the hour to strip of the concept of categorizing motherhood into a single group and let each person have their own ay of categorizing motherhood. Motherhood affects everyone in a different way and that should be respected.

It’s not necessary that you can be called a mother only when you give birth to the child from your physical body. Although in most of the cases, it is that you are mother when you give birth to the child. But, indeed, motherhood is much more than just a physical happening. There have been a lot many of mothers who have not given birth to the children yet have taken up the responsibility of being a mother in the most beautiful way. And there have also been mothers who have left their children and disrespected the essence of being a mother. That makes quite clear that giving birth to the child not necessarily relates to motherhood.

Motherhood is defined by the art of nurturing and loving someone from the deepest corner of the heart without expecting anything in return for it. It not that if someone serves food for you but that does not makes a mother. Throwing meal at you is not the only requirement for being a mother but the love with which it served is what makes a mother. A mother knows all of your bad habits and even then she loves you, she teaches her children the art of living rather the art of a fearless and truthful living. She takes care of her child’s dreams and passions. She will help you fight courageously with your fears and hurts.

There might be many people whose biological mothers have not done anything for them that a mother is expected to do. And, there are a lot of such people out there. The job of being mother is not an easy one. Till the last breath a mother takes care of the issues of their children and they never mind tackling those issues at any stage of their life.

In the bible there is mention that “the holy spirit mothers us and nurtures us to lead into truthfulness.” A mother has the Godly characteristics of the comfort and nurturing. A mother, to his children is just like God, since she takes care of her child’s physical and spiritual existence in the best possible way with love.

A Good mother is to have things to fix in your own soul. The best way to be a good mother is to fill you first with the Holy Spirit. A mother has to have enough of love, strength, love, patience, and wisdom. In fact that does not have to fed from outside; every woman from the grace of God has that capability of fostering a life.

Motherhood is a mystery for ages, indeed a sacrosanct mystery! It is far beyond the biological connections!! Essentially a gift of God to their children!!

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