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Slogans on Mother's Day

Your Mother is without any doubt the most precious person in your life!! And that’s true for each one of us, no matter what. The Universe revolves around this beautiful creature which God has created to guide us all and show the positive path in life. It’s probably a truth that we cannot find enough words in our life time to define a mother’s love. There’s nothing like a mother’s love in this whole Universe. She is the one who protects us from all the situations that bothers us. Just as we feel the presence of God in all the hardships of life, a Mother keeps guiding us and gives us strength to face the situations. To celebrate this unfathomable power of a mother, Mother’s day is celebrated thought out the world. There are a number of ways people rely on to celebrate Motherhood which include, Slogan on Mother, Mother’s day rhymes, Mother’s day messages and many more.

Here is some inspirational Slogan on Mother to make people aware of the immeasurable power of a mother to nurture:

1. Today, I am so gladly want to declare that I have the best Mom in this universe with whom, I can share everything and anything!!

2. A Mother’s heart is Deep Ocean beneath which lie an immeasurable amount of love, affection, care and the power of forgiveness.

3. The anchor of a Mother’s life is her Children in all the circumstances of life, however hard may be the situation.

4. A mother’s Love proves it practically that Love is blind; she was the one who started loving me before she saw my face and much before I came in this world.

5. A Mother’s hug is so very effective that it can kill all the pain and difficulties of life. It lasts longer than any other medicines in the Universe.

6. A Mother is always there to help you through all the difficult situations of life, irrespective of how old you get!

7. I have seen my Mother praying for me, and it astonishes me that how they have been following me from so many long years and making me a capable person.

8. A Mother’s affection is the fuel that enables us to achieve our goal and make the impossible a possible affair.

9. Only a Mother can understand what a child is in his mind even if he does not says it all, that’s the beauty of a Mother-child relationship!!

10. A Mother is the only one woman in the Universe, a man loves the most!!

11. A Mother’s love is the special bond that lasts for so long! The relationship grows through smile, tears, love, laughter and worry.

12. A friendship so strong, a trust that is unbreakable, a love that is so deep; that is how a Mother’s love is all about.

13. My mother is the foundation of all that I have, all that I will have in future and all that keeps me growing with time.

14. A Mother is the one who plants the seeds of happiness and joy in her child’s life and teaches the lessons of life there by inculcating positive values for a positive and fulfilling life ahead.

15. It is my mother who helps me re-instil the faith in me, whenever there comes a point in life that my inner fire goes out.

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