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Short Stories on Mothers

A mother is someone who without thinking about her own interests nurtures her child’s interests. She is the one who will do everything to keep alive her children’s dreams. No matter what she will stand behind and protect her child in all the circumstances. She walks hand in hand with her child be it the worst or the best situation in life. She is a person who takes up many roles in her life in order that she can take care of her child’ dreams every time he needs. She is a motivator who will be there to guard the aspirations of her child. God has sent this wonderful creature on the earth so as to take help a child in its growing stage in learning through the way of life.

There have been various courageous stories of a mother which prove that without the existence of this beautiful creature called mother, life would not have been as beautiful as it is now. Here is a story to illustrate the profound power of a Mother:

A Mother’s love!

There was a couple, who have a son named Rohit. They lived happily ever after and their child Rohit grew into a young lad. And one day the couple decided to marry their son. After Rohit got married, he started feeling irritated with his parents and when his father died one day, he decided to send his Mother to old age home. Even after his parents did not wanted to go to the old age home, he by force sent them to such a place where they might not have access even to the basic amenities of life. He used to visit his Mother to the old age home once in a week. One day he came to know that his mother was seriously ill and she is left only with few hours of her life. He decides to visit his mother that day and found her lying on the bed. Out of nowhere his heart started feeling bad for himself that he had not treated his mother the way she has always treated him.

He asked his mother, if he can do something in her last time that will make her happy. Upon which his mother replied that, dear son, please install some fans in the rooms here, as there isn’t any fan in any of the rooms of this home. And also buy a fridge for the old people living here. Many a time’s people living here have to sleep without food as it gets spoiled many times for the lack of a fridge. And, son, for that reason, I had to sleep without food for many days. Son, being perplexed, asked why you are asking me for all these today when you are left only with few hours. The Mother replied that, Son, I am worried that you will not be able to live here comfortably when your son will one day send you here. So, I want that everything before you come here gets mended. The son’s heart got overwhelmed to hear these words of his mother. This is how a mother’s love is!! It did not demand anything!!

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