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Mother's Day Traditions

6 Traditions of Celebrating Mother’s Day Around the World

Around the world, people follow different traditions of celebrating Mother’s Day. Mother’s day is celebrated in various parts of the world in different countries n different time of the year. Though, the way it is celebrated varies from country to country, the importance of a Mother is recognized by all of us for the patience with mothers work towards fulfilling their children’s dreams.

Here we have compiled a list of celebration traditions of Mother’s Day in different parts of the world for the convenience of people. You can feel relaxed if you have been searching for the right platform for getting ideas on Mother’s day traditions. Let’s throw light on the Mother’s day celebration in different parts of the world.

1. United Kingdom

Mother’s day in UK is called as Mothering Sunday and is celebrated on Lent’s fourth Sunday. In the medieval period the children of poor families were sent to rich people’s home to work as domestic help. Children would collect flowers and give them to their mother and they would also bake special cakes which they called Mothering cakes. But mother’s day nowadays in UK is celebrated by exchanging gifts, flowers and organizing meals for the family.

2. Germany

Mother’s day in Germany is called as Muttertag and is celebrated on the second Sunday of May except during Pentecost when it falls on the first Sunday. In Germany, it’s quite a popular practice to give mother’s day card. During the time of World War II, the tradition of Mother’s day took a political significance and the day was acknowledged as Mother produced children for Fatherland. Women were awarded medals on the basic of number of women that they produced. Bronze, Silver and Gold medals were awarded. But after the end of the war the relevance of Mother’s day took a turn and people started giving cards, gifts, flowers and started organizing for meals.

3. Brazil

In Brazil, Mother’s day takes the relevance after Christmas and is observed as a commercial holiday. Like many other countries, the festival is observed on second Sunday of the May month. On this day church gathering, special performances of children take place which is generally celebrated in large barbeques.

4. Australia

In Australia, Mother’s day is celebrated on Second Sunday of May, and people gift various kinds of flowers to their mother particularly beautiful carnations. Besides that, Chrysanthemums are also prevalent flowers that people give to their mothers. Not only Mothers but grandmothers and aunts also receive gifts. Many organizations throughout Australia organize for events to raise money for working towards women’s upliftment.

5. Japan

In Japan much like America, the day is celebrated on second Sunday of the month of May and beautiful carnations can be seen everywhere throughout the country. Carnations are famous for they represent pleasing personality of a mother filed with love. Kids show their love to their mothers by drawing beautiful pictures of their mother and also sometimes art competitions are organized. They pamper their mommy by preparing special meal and giving red, pink carnations.

6. France

Mother’s day in France is known with the name Fete des Meres and it is celebrated in early June or in the end of May which is in accordance with Pentecost. Though till 1950, it had not been recognized as a holiday but was declared a holiday later on by Nepolean. Same as in America on this day Moms of the house relax and rely on their children for getting their needs fulfilled. Kids gift theri mother with flowers and they recite poems for their moms. And at the end the day ends with a huge meal which is quite relaxing for their Mom.

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