12 May,

Mother's Day in Canada

In North American country of Canada, Mothers Day is a the most popular festival after Christmas and Valentines Day. Just as in USA, Mothers Day in Canada is celebrated in the second Sunday in the month of May. People pay tribute to their mothers on the day and thank them for their constant support and love. In Canada, cards and flowers are the most commonly used methods of expressing love for moms.

Mother's Day in CanadaAs Mothers Day is a festival with strong emotional value, it has been commercialised to a large extent with compelling advertising strategies in the technologically advanced country of Canada. Sale of cards breaks all records on mothers day. Many people also take their mothers out for a dinner on Mothers Day and bake special cakes for them. Mothers are also pampered with gifts and day off from kitchen by their loving children.

Caring children make it a point to greet Mothers Day to their own moms, grand mothers and to women who are like their mothers. Those staying away from their mothers visit them and make them feel special. While those who cannot pay a visit call on phone. No wonder, phone traffic is highest on the occasion of Mothers Day.

Mother's Day Messages

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