12 May,

Mother's Day in Brazil

The people of Brazil like the Americans and the inhabitants of many other countries celebrate Mother’s day on Second Sunday of the Month of May. In Brazil, Mother’s day is called as Dia das Mães and will occur on 13th of May this year in 2018. Retailers, shops owners, restaurants and families start the preparations before few days of the Mother’s day. Brazil, with its special significance for a family life and where many variant communities at times function as one family with mother being the head of the community, there are a number of ways to celebrate the unfathomable power of mother.

The celebration of Mother’s day is almost similar in Brazil to that of in Unites States. People go out with their families for brunch, buy for their mother some cute little remembrance gifts, flowers and keepsake. People utter words of appreciation for their mother and grandmother on the Mother’s day in Brazil. Also on Dia das Mães, mothers and many families go to the Ipanema’s Gringo Café. Various restaurants and cafes have delicious treats to offer for mothers and also there are various desserts, pies, cakes and cupcakes for the special occasion.

Gift Giving in Brazil on Mother’s day

When it comes to gifting on Mother’s day in Brazil, Brazilian mothers are mostly fond of the electronic gifts. According to a research in some previous years, around 25 percent of the moms wanted tablet as gift on the mother’s day in Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. While, in Brazil 40 percent of the mothers wanted a tablet as a gift on Mother’s day. While tablet was the number one choice, a Smartphone ranked number two and clothes stood as the third most wanted choice. Flowers which are available throughout the city of Rio are also an important gifting choice for all the mothers out there.

Mothers who are nature lovers love a gift trip to the Botanical Garden of Rio city, which is located in the neighbourhood of Jardim Botânico. This garden has around 54 hectares of plant life of the native of Brazil which includes orchids, bromeliads and carnivorous plants. It’s one of a very special place for Mother’s day celebration as it includes many historical monuments and over 150 bird species.

Importance of Holiday on Mother’s day in Brazil

It’s a way of marking and showing the gratitude to all the mothers out there who work day and night to make the day and night of their child a brighter one. Holiday on Mother’s day gives enough of time and space to mother-child relationship to growl and take an altogether valuable form. Mother’s day is a day to celebrate motherhood with family and it’s a time to reflect on to the significance of a mother in people’s life. It’s a way of saying thank you to Mothers and a time to make them feel a significant part of our life. On this day, the entire Mother’s out there need to be pampered by their child.

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