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Mother's Day in Japan

Happy Mother’s day in Japan is said as Haha-no-hi! On the day of Mother’s Day children make it a point to get up early morning and wish their mother with a cute message of Mother’s day. Unlike other countries where tradition of exchanging gifts is prevalent is not seen much in Japan. Instead, children wish their mothers with flowers considering it a token of love. The tradition of celebrating Mother’s day in Japan started probably during the Showa period during the time when Empress Kojun birthday is celebrated. But there exists a trade-off as some missionaries believe that it was started by the Christian followers during 1913 which gradually spread throughout the country in 1949.

On mother’s Day, children buy different type of gifts for their mother like pin flower silk kimono or red flower cotton kimono, baby and mother kokeshi doll, tenugui , fragrance cards and many more. At various places of the country various events are held in Japanese style generally. The tradition of celebrating Mother’s day in Japan is that different.

Mothers Day celebration in Japan

This day is celebrated with great fervour and zest in Japan. Kids wish their mothers by saying haha-no-hi which have been derived from the word hahaoya which implies as mother in Japan. Same as it is celebrated in other parts of the world on second Sunday of the May month every year. It is believed that when during the Second world war when there was complete prohibition on Western customs in Japan, Mother’s day celebration came to a complete halt. And it was only after the war that, the custom of celebrating Mother’s Day was restored.

These days it has become a highly revered holiday of the country and people celebrate it by giving different types of flowers including carnations and roses to their Mother. People also organise for special prayers and public gathering on this day. For the shops and restaurants it is one of the busiest days of the year when people look exceedingly excited. And consequently the prices of flowers and gifts become high.

The people of Japan consider carnations as one of the most beautiful gift. And for their sweetness and purity they are considered as a symbol of Mother’s Love. And the people of Japan on Mother’s day shower their love and affection to their Mother by gifting them beautiful and lovely carnations. The market gets filled with lot of flowers and colours of flowers on Mother’s Day. Children draw with their hands cute pictures representing their Mother’s Love. In addition to celebrating the day with gifts and flower people of Japan also of special recipes which they prepare on Mother’s day. One of the most famous recipes of Japan is Sushi which people relish on Mother’s day.

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