12 May,

Mother's Day in Peru

An enthusiastic Mother's Day Celebration in Peru

Throughout the world Mothers’ day is celebrate by masses every year to honour the unfathomable faith that a mother has for her child. This day comes to celebrate the love for all the mother figures around the world. In Peru, like in various other parts of the world is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. While there are many traditions of Mother’s Day celebration in Peru which are same as in other parts of the world, some of the traditions are completely different.

Mother’s Day Week In Peru

The Peruvian Mothers’ day is a little different in the way that they celebrate it as much as they can with all that they can do. People organize for dinners, lunches, trips and party throughout the week in which the Mothers’ day falls. The whole becomes a celebratory moment and an opportunity of holidaying with family and friends.

Flowers and Gifts on Mothers’ day in Peru

The people residing in Peru are exceedingly passionate about celebrating Mothers’ day. For them this day is a special occasion that gives an opportunity ignites the love for their mother. Peruvians’ closely follow the traditions that the United States follows. Statistical data show that around 92% of the country enthusiastically celebrates Mothers’ day. This data is the testimony of the honour, love and dedication of children towards their Mothers. Sale of Flowers and other gift items start skyrocketing during Mothers’ Day week.

Peruvian children gear up to wish their mothers in various ways. Some show their love with gifts and flowers while some recite poems and stories for their mothers. Family members organize for get together and make sure to give to their mother some leisure time. Some of them go extra mile to organize for parties, meals and dinners so as to make their mothers feel special.

Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Peru

There are many places in Peru where mothers are allowed to visit on Mother’s day for free. The day is made a fun-filled and artistic one and musical show performances are organized by different groups on the day. Besides that, contests, musical concerts, dances and other spectacles are organized in various parts of the country.

Celebrating the Deceased Mothers in Peru

There are some really unique Mothers’ day celebrations in Peru! One of the very interesting ways of celebrating Mothers’ day is gathering at the graveyard over food and drinks. This one is quite unique! People gather here to honour their deceased Mothers. At the entrance gate of the cemetery flower, heart-shaped icons reading “Feliz Dia Mama” (Happy Mother’s Day in Spanish) and balloons are sold by the vendors. There’s quite a shower of positivity and warmth all around in the air probably from the heaven. People look for their Mothers, wives and grandmothers graves in the graveyard. Families put on flowers on the grave after cleaning them up.

No matter what its’ quite difficult to find a place where Mother’s day is celebrated as enthusiastically as in Peru. People do whatever they can to honour the truthful and honest effort of a Mother.

Thanks to all the Mothers out there!! Life would not have been as colourful as today without your presence!!

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