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Mother's Day in France

Abraham Lincoln’s one of the famous sayings is “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother”. This is true for each one of us as a mother is the one who is the first person in our life to help us get acquainted with way of life. In different parts of the world they are called with different names like in France it is called as “Mere”. Mother’s day is celebrated around the world in the honour of our loving mothers.

History Related to Mother’s Day in France

France is the biggest country of Europe and has a small population! It was in 1806 that the idea of celebrating Mother’s day germinated in the mind of Napoleon but the idea never became a feasible one. But, gradually during 19th century French started worrying about the depreciating population and it became apparent to celebrate large families.

In 1915, the tradition of US Mother’s day was brought into being by the Americans fighting in World War I. It was finally in 1950 that, Mother’s day celebration became a law officially and one of the most well-liked celebrations.

Tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day in France

It was in 1950 by Napoleon that the day was officially inaugurated for honouring Mother. Same as in America and in other parts of the country the day brings with itself a variety of honouring moments for mothers. In France, it usually is a family affair and mothers around the country are honoured with poems, gifts, cards, dinners and various such ways of Mothers’ day celebration. If you will ask any child for his favourite person, he will at once say that, My Mom is the best mom in the world. This is indeed true for all of us, as everything that we achieve in our life comes from the unerring efforts of our Mothers. It’s her efforts and sacrifices that help us achieve everything in life.

She is the one who stands behind in difficult times. Whenever you feel depressed your Mother’s zest for life gives you courage to live life. Throughout France, adults and children through their selfless service enchant their mothers on Mothers’ day. Let’s take a look at the various ways of celebrating Mother’s Day:

Dates of la Fête des Mères in France

While, in most parts of the world the day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, in France the day is observed on last Sunday of May and is known with the name Fête des Mères. On some occasions the day also gets shifted to first Sunday of June when the Pentecost day is celebrated on the same day.

Mother’s Day 2019 in France – Sunday, 26th May

Celebrating Mother’s day in France

Kids write for their Mothers enchanting stories and poems for their Mother and gift them cards and flowers on Mothers’ day. They also sometimes present to their mother an elaborated gift which can be a beautiful beach outing or a massive gift or something special. One of the most sought after attractions of France id Food. People find occasions to celebrate moments with delicious foods and when its mother’s Day no one can miss a delicious meal enjoyed with family and friends. There are people who opt to do it on the terrace or also sometimes in Garden. There are people who celebrate the day with their family while some out there celebrate with friends and acquaintances. No matter how big the celebration is, it has to be a big event in France.

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