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Mother's Day in Germany

Mother’s Day, a day dedicated to Motherhood is celebrated on the first or the second Sunday of the month of May throughout the world. In general, Mother’s day in Germany is observed on second Sunday of May but in the year when Pentecost falls on the second Sunday, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday. Mother’s day in Germany is called as Muttertag. In the year 1938, to honour motherhood, the Government of Germany, called forth Mutterehrenkreuz or the cross of Honour of the German Mother. From then onwards, on every Mother’s Day, Mother Cross was presented.

The people of Germany, same as the people of Canada and America, wear various colours of carnations in order to show their love and respect to their mother. While red coloured carnation is for all the mothers who are alive, white coloured carnations are wore to honour all those mothers who have died. Same as in many other celebrations, in Mother’s day also, flowers, gifts and chocolates are common. While a few of the children take their moms out for dinner, many of them prepare dinner at home to delight their mother. There are various other similar traditions related to mother’s day celebration in Germany, some of which we are going to illustrate as below:

History and origin of Mother’s Day in Germany

It was Greeks who first put forward the idea of celebrating Mother’s day. In the beginning the Greeks used to honour the mother of Zeus, Rhea. And, it’s the scenario today that the festival is celebrated with the same fervour throughout the world. The Germans, celebrate it in the same way as in other parts of the world with few differences in the traditions of celebration. It was first observed in 1922. Kids on this day, in Germany, give cute little bouquets to their mother.

Tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day in Germany

In Germany Mother’s day is celebrated with extraordinary gaiety and pomp. The day has been specifically devised to show love and respect to all the mothers of the Universe. In Germany the day was declared as an official holiday in the year 1933. It was a tradition to honour mothers in Germany with Gold, silver and Bronze medals until the World War II, for producing children. This medal was called as ‘Karnickelorden’, and it denoted ‘Order of the Rabbit’. Thereafter, it became more of an unofficial event after the end of the World War II. People of Germany started gifting their mothers with beautiful flowers and cards. Children, make it a point to honour their mother by giving them cute Mother’s Day cards, unexpected surprises, small souvenirs and various other gifts to make her mother feel delighted. Members of the family plan to spend the day together preparing meal for their mother.

German Mother’s Day recipes

  • One famous delicacy in Germany is “German Cold Cuts”. It can be served with various types of German cheeses with some veggie and fruit tray so as to add on to the taste of the dish.
  • Hoppel Poppel and a Lettuce Salad with Grapes is an ideal for a more extensive brunch.
  • Rote Gruetze, decorated with cream and fresh strawberries, is a traditional dessert which is great to end the meal.

Mother's Day Date 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021, 2022 in Germany

Sunday, May 13 2018
Sunday, May 12 2019
Sunday, May 10 2020
Sunday, May 9 2021
Sunday, May 8 2022

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