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Mother's Day in Serbia

Traditional Mother’s Day Celebration in Serbia: A True

From last many years, Mother’s day is being celebrated on 8th of March. The people of Serbia bid to make efforts to make their mothers feel special. They look for every other possibility to make most out of the day. In Serbia Mother’s day is celebrated to shower upon love and respect on the head of the family. Serbians are extraordinarily enthusiastic about celebrating the effort of a mother.

They start off with the celebration by praying to God and then offering bed to their Mothers. And, this is followed by a classic family get-together and everyone in the family make sure to sit together and say something in the praise of their Mother. Besides that, the children also prepare for their Mothers speeches and remembrance of sweet memories of their childhood, adolescence and youth. Some of the children also perform parodies and skits in the honour of their Mothers.

The day gets filled with fragrance of pure prayers and memories that make a difference in the environment. The girls of the family bake cakes and other related items to delight their Mothers. They let their Mothers relax on that day while they themselves take charge of everything. The daughters do everything from taking care of the household to ding with the kitchen work and preparing meals for the whole family. The day has two-fold advantages, while the Mothers get plenty of time to relax and feel loved; children get all the freedom to independently manage everything and pamper their Mom. Children get to experience the herculean task of managing the household that their Mothers do which makes them feel obliged to their Mothers for the diligent work they have been doing for these long years. All this, helps in bolstering the bond of love between mother and their children.

There are an assortment of ways in which the children in Serbia wish their Mothers which include greeting with Mothers’ day cards, mothers’ day poems and many such. At many place in the country children use electronic means to send Mother’s day messages and mother’s day cards to their loving mothers. They also buy unique gifts for their mothers including perfumes, apparels, cosmetics and gems. Some of them are too creative to create their own Mother’s day gift. Some really enthusiastic families also go for massive meals and amusement. All through the country, restaurant owners start offering discounted mother’s day deals with the beginning of the Mother’s Day season. Well-known associations and clubs arrange for gathering for honouring all the mothers.

Flowers are one of the most attractive aspects of the celebration of Mother’s day. For Serbians carnations are the most loved flowers for Mothers day. Besides that they also bless their Mothers with roses and other flowers. Before the start of the celebration, children start preparing for the gifts for the whole week. Florists get flocked with orders for Mother’s day flowers before the mother’s day week starts and they make record sell of flowers on Mother’s day. Kids select the best and fresh flowers for their mother. Apart from the inhabitants, the offshore Serbians also do not forget to send gits to their Mothers.

The celebration here in Serbia, in nutshell a gigantic one and people have a ton of craze for celebrating Mother’s day.

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