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Lets Honor Mothers and Motherhood on Mother's Day in UK!!

Posted on : 24th February 2016
Mother's Day 2016 is the First Sunday in the month of March (6th March).
Mother's Day celebration in UK is also popular in the name of Mothering Sunday. This special festival is dedicated to all kind mothers and motherhood. This unique day would be commemorated on 6th of March 2016 in UK. This day is earmarked to honor mothers & other motherly figures like grand mom, aunt, stepmom and mother in law as well.

People in UK make special effort to spend this day with their mother. They buy special gifts and greeting cards for their loving mother. Also treat them with sumptuous lunch or dinner in the evening. Many individuals who cannot visit their mother on this day generally send gifts, flowers or greeting cards via post or online stores.

Mother is the only trustworthy person in life whom people can have blind faith. She always stands up strong and bold to protect her ward from any eventuality. Mother always supports their child in bad times as well as in good times. The most important woman who gives unconditional and selfless love is the mother. One cannot pay the debt of gratitude which he/she owned to their mom in any lifetime.

When life seems to be hopeless and gloomy, she is the one who brings surge of happiness and hope in her children's life. Mother cannot be replaced by any other person, she has indispensable role in the life of her child.

When we are away from home, we miss our mother's presence around us. Since childhood to adulthood, mother always take care & think for the prosperity of her child. She is indeed the precious gift from god for the child. The most cherished and fondest memories in a person's life are the moments spent with their mother.

Mother's day is celebrated all over the world in different dates. In USA and India, it is celebrated on second Sunday of May month whereas in UK, Mother's Day is followed on 6th of March 2016. This day is earmarked to salute and pay tribute to the contribution of mothers in one's life. People should take out time from their schedule and spend quality of time with their beloved mother.

This tradition has been followed since Greeks and Romans era. They used to honor the god of mothers and offered dedicated prayers. They started the culture of celebrating Mother's Day since old times and worshipped them like a god. It is an official holiday in UK and known as Mothering Sunday.

With changing times, the way of celebration has also been changed. People go to church offer special prayers for the long and healthy life of their mother. All the siblings in the family get together to celebrate Mother's May with the entire family. They cook special meals and serve them to their mom.

People also shower gifts and flowers to their mom as token of love.

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