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Mother's Day Crafts

Posted on : 16th April 2016
Mother's Day 2016 is the second Sunday in May (8th May).

There are so many ways of celebrating Mother's Day. Only a little effort and inspiration is required for turning ones ideas into reality.Skill is a very important factor in realising your creative thoughts.Although, even if you lack talent, this should not stop you from creating some artistic Mother's Day crafts for your mother.

Crafts may either be presented as Mother's Day gifts or utilised as a decorative for a Mother's Day celebration. If you are looking forward to making some interesting crafts for your mother, you can find some ideas here.

  • Mothers Day Cards – From simple hand painted cards to cards with a variety of add ons, these are one of the simplest yet most expressive of all gift as well as invitation ideas.
  • Mothers Day Scrapbook – These are the perfect solution for a thoughtful Mother's Day gift idea. One can use pictures, thoughts in the form of words, poems, letters, messages and also present the scrapbook with as much ornamentation as possible.
  • Mothers Day Collage – A collage is a photo story book. The size and scale of the collage though depends on your resources and the extent of effort you are willing to put in this Mother's Day craft idea.
  • Mothers Day Painted Flowerpot – If you are planning to send Mother's day gifts that are not only amazing to look at but have multipurpose uses as well, then this is an excellent option.
  • Picture Frames for Mom – One can construct a Mother's Day picture frame using many materials wooden twigs, foam,plastic.
  • Diary for Mother – Anything and everything you have wanted to say over the years should be presented in the form of a diary to your mum. You can even gift her a self decorated diary which she can fill with her thoughts and ideas.
  • Necklaces/Bracelets/Pendants/Key chain – Beads,glass, white metal, plastic, thread, there are many items that can go in making a handmade, inexpensive yet priceless jewelry on Mother's Day.
  • Flower Wreath/Flowers in a flower Basket – There could not be a simpler gift than these Mother's Day crafts for your mom. All you need is handpicked flowers and some imagination in terms of presentation of colours and variety of these fragrant gifts (Mother's Day flowers).

    The options are endless, we have only listed some of the easy to implement ideas for you. Other gift options for Mothers Day are candles, candle holders, hand painted mugs, painted/printed t-shirts, pouches and decorative bags etc.

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