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Celebrating Mother’s day for the Empathetic Presence of a Non-Biological Mom

Posted on : 12th May 2017
This Mother’s day make sure that you don’t forget to celebrate the love that all those motherly figures have bestowed upon with in your life! They really need a huge round of applause for all that they do for the children whom they have not brought into the world. Off course, it’s true that the one who brings you into this world is indubitably great. The pain that she takes up just to bring her child into this Universe without worrying about the pain is increasingly incomparable.

From a mother-in-law to step mothers to the school nurses who act as a mother to every other child is not less than all those biological moms. Don’t you think they are way great than anybody ever can think of? It is singularly true that even though they don’t have any blood relation with her child, there’s nothing that can differentiate her love and affection from that of a biological mothers. So, do you think her unfathomable faith in being a mother to a child, she has not known from the first day of its birth can be avoided? Not really!!

Well, it is exceptionally true that the heroism of the sturdy woman who pushes her child from her womb and helps the humanity to keep flourishing. In that way, she is the biggest contributor of the human kind. It’s even hard to thank your biological mother for all that she does for you! Her love is so very much pure and serene that it’s quite a tough task to get something from the gifting catalogue that can be a return for all that she has done. Nevertheless, it would be an injustice if we cannot pay heed to the victorious love of all those non-biological mothers. Be it a step mother, a mother-in-law or a foster mother, each of them are equally great!!

The world is filled with the Mother figures and there is only one of them who gave you birth but how can you forget about the contribution of the other mother figures who fall into the category of non biological mothers. Let’s throw light on some of those great mothers who did not give us birth but are still great!

Step mother

A step mother can at times stand like a wall when even your blood relations become polluted and become a reason for your deteriorating emotional strength. According to a research done in Scotland it has been found that around 57% of stepmothers share a great relationship with their step children. And, for many of the children the entry of their step mother in their life has brought with the bluster of happy and great time in their life.


Both having and being mother-in-law is considered universally a maligned relationship to be in! These are those non-biological moms who are sure to come in everybody’s life. Perhaps they are the most hated motherly figures! Why can’t we make the relationship workable this Mother’s day and start it afresh.

Foster mothers

These are the mothers, who, on their will take up the responsibility to look after a child in need for shelter and love. These are in fact, above any blood relation as they are the one who believe in loving their children for love and not for any other reason. And when the reason for love is “love” it, and then it actually looks beautiful. These mothers do not take up motherhood as an obligation or as a duty, it’s just because they want to do it and that’ the beauty of the bond that such mother-child share.

Motherhood is incredible, be it biological or non-biological! No relationship can be as great as being a mother and having a mother. This Mother’s day not only the one who have their biological mothers with them needs to be ready for the celebration and for making their mothers feel special but also, the one who have been brought up under the shade of their non-biological mothers needs to be thankful to their non-biological mothers for everything that they do for their child.

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