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Mother's Day Games and Activities

Mothers Day is an occasion which calls you to spend quality time with your mother. A great idea would be to indulge in Mothers Day games and activities.

This will help you get closer to your mother and have a memorable holiday. Here are some interesting ideas for activities and games for Mother's Day. Purpose of organising programmes and activities on Mother's Day is to honor your mother and show her how deeply you love her and need her support.


Along with siblings, cousins and friends you can organise a skit or a play on Mothers Day. This will be hugely entertaining for your mom and she will feel so special to have a play hosted just for her. Surprise her with your hidden talents and she will feel proud to be your mother.


It is great idea to organise a special interview with your Mom or Grand Mother on Mothers Day. Call it "Coffee with Mom" or any name you like. If you have a camcorder record the event and take a few pictures. Besides this session will help you know more about your mother, if you dig your Mom about her childhood, her friends, teachers, husband and children. You can also ask her about how she met your father, best moments and most trying circumstances of her life. This is a nice way to make your mother feel important on her special day. Do not forget to express your love for her and to thank her at the end of the interview.

Play Games

You can celebrate Mothers Day by playing various indoor and outdoor games on Mother Day. If your mother is an active person play tennis, badminton or any of her favorite sports with her. You may also play chess, carom, cards or any game your mother is fond of and spend time with her. There are several online games too which you can play with your mother.

Here is an for an interesting Mother/Child Game idea which can be played with a few other families.


  1. 1. Divide into four mother/child teams.
  2. 2. Ask the mothers to leave the room while the children sit in chairs.
  3. 3. Ask the same four or five questions to each child about their mothers.
  4. 4. Bring in the mothers and ask them the same questions.
  5. 5. Will the mother and child have the same answers?
  6. 6. Switch places and see how well the mother's know the children.
  7. 7. Award a red carnation to the winning mother/child team.

Question Ideas:

Favorite color, movie, dress, animal, memorable moment with you, best friend, hobby, talent, food, animal, cartoon, pizza topping, ice cream topping, restaurant. Most embarrassing moment. Favorite holiday.

Lunch Get Together

If your parents are living alone plan a get together over lunch, dinner or tea inviting all your siblings along with their families. You may also invite her friends and their families and host a big Mothers Day party. Ensure that you have your mothers favorite food in the menu. And don't forget to play her favorite music.

Tea Parties

You can organise tea parties in honor of your mother on a Mothers Day. Pick up the best crockery in the house, decorate a tray with a beautiful tray cover and vase of fresh flowers. Compliment the tea with a delicious cake and her favorite snack. You can present songs in her praise and let her know your feelings for her.

Craft Activities

Mothers Day can also be celebrated by participating craft activities together. Mothers can work along with their little children and have fun with them. Grown up children can surprise their mothers with some craft work for them. Click here for some interesting ideas on Mothers Day Crafts.

Mother's Day History

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Mother's Day Mexico

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