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Famous Moms Around the World

Mother is famous because of her courage, stamina and love which is simply astounding. There are many famous mothers around the world who have made it big in their career despite of performing the role of a perfect mother. They have not just strove but have also carved a niche for themselves in their personal and professional life. These celebrity mothers have set excellent examples of motherhood in the book of great woman achievers.

Famous Mothers Around the World

Look below to know about the most famous celebrity mothers around the world:

Marie Curie (1897-1956)
Marie Curie is a very good example of best moms around the world. She is remembered as the pioneer in researching radioactivity. Even after losing her husband, she worked stoically and set a world of her own with her daughter and work. She is the only Nobel Prize winner of her Nobel Prize winner daughter - Irène Joliot-Curie.

Angelina Jolie
She is a blend of motherhood, talent and immense possession. Jolie is a woman who values her relationship and believes her children are the best thing ever happened to her. Angelina being a mother of two adopted kids; Maddox and Zahara and her own daughter Shiloh Nouvel (with partner Brad Pitt) feels life should be led by making own ways. She loves different elements of life and knows how to manage both work and family. Recently, the couple has adopted a Vietnamese kid named Pax Thien and increased their family size.

Another famous mom we come across is Madonna. She is not only an icon but also a loving mother. Madonna always created special principles for her and her daughters. She is a singer, author, actor and a perfect mother. Madonna has disclosed her identity as a strict mother for her sweet daughter. She thinks certain rules are implied on kids for their secure and good future.

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner has emerged as a star with being a mom. Married to Ben Affleck for a over a year and mother to one-year-old Violet, Jennifer has made having a family above having her name in the tabloids. Jennifer strictly believes in keeping her mom priorities above than anything. The couple has kept their sweet little daughter away from media speculation. Jennifer wants to be a truly devoted mother with a refreshing change in her life.

Other Famous Celebrity Mothers Around the World

* Rose Kennedy (strong mother of President John F. Kennedy)
* Margaret Thatcher (mother, first woman Prime Minister of Britain)
* Celine Dion ("test tube" mom, music star)
* Barbra Streisand (mother, singer, actor, director, producer)
* Marie Osmond (biological and adoptive mother of 7, singer)
* Bobbi McCaughey (mother of sextuplets)
* Anne Morrow Lindbergh (mother of 6, writer, wife of aviator Charles Lindbergh)
* Julia Roberts (new mother of twins, Academy Award-winning actor)
* Teri Hatcher ("desperate" mom, actor)
* Barbara Walters (adoptive mother, TV journalist)
* Lucille Ball (funny mom, TV star, business woman)
* Chris Evert (athlete mom, three-time Wimbledon champ)
* Florence Griffith Joyner (athlete mom, triple Olympic gold medalist)
* Cindy Crawford (supermodel mom)

* Toni Morrison (mother, writer, first African American to win the Nobel Prize in literature)
* Ruth Bader Ginsburg (mother, Supreme Court Justice)
* Wilma Mankiller (mother, first woman Chief of the Cherokee Nation)
* "Mother" (Mary Harris) Jones (mother, labor leader)
* Clara Barton (founder of the Red Cross and "mother" to thousands of wounded soldiers)
* "Mother" (Clara McBride) Hale (mother, started Hale House in Harlem to care for infants born to drug-addicted mothers)
* Grandma Moses (mother and grandmother, and a famous painter who started painting in her 70s)

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