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  Mother's Day Gifts 2014 is on 11th May, Sunday
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Famous Mothers
There are different kinds of mothers in this world. There are professional, or homemakers Moms in broad terms or fashionable, pious, simple, strict, soft, conservative, modern and cool Moms at a personal level. Whatever they are Moms always go famously amongst their kids. They are the centre of attraction. Everything they say or do holds lot of importance in the eyes of child. Hence, every mom is a celebrity in her own rights!! Our section on 'Famous Mother's' is a tribute to all the celebrity women who gave more importance to their status of motherhood and became 'Famous Mom'. People remember these celebrity women for their professional achievements in their respective areas but revere them more for the efforts and sacrifices they made to be a devoted mom.

Please click on the links below and read about famous mothers in India and around the world.

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