Strengthen your Bond with Poignant Mother’s Day Messages, Quotes and Poems

Mother’s day 2018 is approaching very fast and this is high time that every son/daughter must get in the shoes with all the preparations. The first thing that you will need to do is finding best of the Mother’s Day messages, quotes and poems and another way of wishing on the night of Mother’s Day. To help you out we have jotted down some heart-touching Mother’s day quotes and messages. Find them below…

Mothers day quotes

Mother’s Day Messages

1. There is something very special, something very beautiful about having my mother by my side. It’s amazing to rest in your lap. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!

2. I am quite blessed that I have found this perfect and loving space in your lap. Everything is amazing when I am lying here.

3. How great it feels to have you by my side every time I need! Happy Mother’s Day Mommy

4. I am making one promise today, no matter where I will go, no matter what I will do; you will be my first priority. Happy Mother’s Day Mom

5. You are my Angel and I will never leave my Angel, not for a moment, not for a minute and not for a second. Love you, Mom,

6. It’s such a wonderful feeling that I can have such a beautiful person and a beautiful heart by my side. Mother, you have been the strongest pillars of my life.

7. It makes me feel wonderful that I came in this world via your peaceful tummy. Happy Mother’s day Mom

Mother’s Day Quotes

1. Whatever a mother does cannot be done by the strongest of the person in the world. She is blessed with the power to fight it all with a smile on the face.

2. Loving is something that is engraved into the deepest corners of every Mothers’ heart and she makes our life beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day!!

3. I am special because my mother had always made me feel that way. Thank you, Mom,

4. Where there’s my Mom, I feel loved and care for!! Happy Mother’s Day Mommy

5. Mother, you have stood by my side always and I also want to do that same for you! Love you, Mom,

6. Whenever there was this rain of hopelessness you have made me feel strong. Nothing could have been a more beautiful gift of God than my Mommy. Lots of love Mommy from her little one!!

7. I know you have gone through so much pain for me all through your life and now that I am grown up you I want to enjoy all that you have not been able to. Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Poems

For my Mommy
I will do everything for my Mommy,
The pain, the happiness,
I will share with my Mommy,
All that I am is for my Mommy,
All that I will do is for my Mommy,
Love you, Mom

I Love you, Mom,
Nothing can be as pleasant as your Love,
Nothing is as serene as your love,
Nothing is as pure as my Mother’s love,
I want her to be around always,
Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!

For my Mother in Heaven
Mommy, I want to tell you something,
I want you to know, I miss you every day
I want you to know, your daughter is happy here,
I want you to know, sometimes I feel like touching you,
Sometimes I feel like hugging you,
Sometimes I feel like resting my head in your lap,
To my Mommy in heaven!  I Love you, Mom,
Happy Mother’s Day

The Bunch of Love
Hey Mom, you are such a beautiful bunch of love,
You are such a perfect piece of affection,
I grow and feel like you have grown,
I wonder, from where does that bunch of benevolence come?
Happy Mother’s day to my strongest Mom


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