It’s a shame that you collapsed, “” he said to his ex-mentor at the same time. But Wendler didn’t stop there.

It’s a shame that you collapsed, “” he said to his ex-mentor at the same time. But Wendler didn’t stop there.

Schüssel and the Social Democratic President Heinz Fischer never missed an opportunity to emphasize the involvement of Austrians in the Nazi atrocities of the Third Reich. Austria must finally recognize that it has not only become a “victim” of Hitler’s urge to expand, but has also become a “perpetrator” after the “Anschluss” in 1938. However, opinion polls and the statements of right-wing politicians leave doubts in the opinion of critical observers come up as to whether the education efforts have really fallen on fertile soil. After all, after the numerous reports on the Holocaust, 23 percent of Austrians believed that the suffering of Jews in the concentration camps was overemphasized in the media. “” There is no Nazi gene in the Austrian national body “” wrote the columnist Hans Rauscher in the left-liberal “Standard” “. But there is a very broad failure of politics and the public. In Germany, the author compared, politicians like Kampl would have “” disappeared from politics after the first statement “”. (By Christian Fürst, dpa) Source: “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n- on the subject of National SocialismASSOCIATED PRESS Brunhilde Pomsel is one of the last contemporary witnesses who was close to the leadership circle of the Nazis.

In a documentary, she speaks about her role as Secretary of Propaganda Minister Goebbels – and explains what many Germans also said after the war. 100,000 people were killed at the Paneriai extermination site in Lithuania during World War II. It would probably have been more. But some Jews managed to escape through a previously secret tunnel.

The Detmold district court has received eleven appeals to judge the Auschwitz security guard Hanning. Hanning’s lawyers are demanding a milder sentence, while the joint plaintiffs want to enforce a tougher sentence. After the verdict in the trial of the ex-SS man Reinhold Hanning, his lawyer wants to apply for an appeal. A 94-year-old cannot be allowed to go to prison, he says.

Meanwhile, the secondary prosecution wants to achieve an even harsher sentence. This attracts attention – and protest: a Munich auction house is auctioning personal items from Nazi criminals, including X-rays from Hitler and silk pants from Göring. Everything just in the service of science, the auction house defends itself. Sigmar Gabriel once again chooses pithy words in the dispute with the AfD: The SPD leader wants to have heard everything the functionaries of the “Alternative for Germany” “say. From his father who was a Nazi.

An educational contribution or cheap self-promotion? The conservative Italian daily “” Il Giornale “” surprises its readers with a free supplement of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”.cheap biology essay writing service usa Prime Minister Renzi finds clear words. Stolpersteine ​​commemorate victims of National Socialism in more than 1000 locations across Germany.

Ironically, the “” capital of the movement “” is resisting it. In court, Munich is encouraged in this stance. A new research project sheds a different light on FC Bayern during the Nazi era.

Did the club really keep its distance from the Nazis for a long time? No, says one historian, referring to an “” Aryan paragraph “” from 1935. Professor, exceptional historian, bridge builder: Fritz Stern was a “” national treasure “”. Fled from the Nazis to the USA, he made a career there and still stood up for Germany for life.

Now Stern has died at the age of 90. “The Volvo V70 is known for its safety and the large amount of space it offers. The Volvo V70 is a car like a castle: big, angular – and, above all, safe. Even after years the Swede does well -Combi is still brave on the road and at the HU – but also shows minor weaknesses. When you think of Volvo, you have a car like the V70 in mind: The station wagon is perhaps the most classic model in the Swedish range, offers plenty of space for luggage and a lot of safety for the occupants. The generation built between 2007 and 2016 can also convince with the general inspection. The V70 offers plenty of space for luggage. The V70 focuses on utility, not a fashionable body cut.

The station wagon is correspondingly practical: the long loading area and the up to 1600 liter trunk are above average even in this class. Naturally, the 4.82 meter long five-seater does less well when driving in the city center – not least because of the very large turning circle. The Swede therefore does best on the autobahn and country road.

If you choose the robustly designed off-road version XC70, you can even ride unpaved roads under your wheels, at least if the all-wheel drive is on board in addition to the attachments in off-road vehicle look. Incidentally, this is also available for the civilian V70 version. In addition, the V70 offers little body choice: the station wagon is the only variant. Technically closely related is the S80 sedan, which is in little demand in Germany.

Despite its name, the steel roof convertible C70 is based on the mid-range model S40 / V50. The generation built between 2007 and 2016 is convincing at the HU. The drive range of the V70 is large and confusing – also because Volvo has changed the nomenclature in between. While older vehicles still have the classic cubic capacity as their model designation, the newer ones are numbered hierarchically. “” D2 “” stands for the smallest diesel, “” D5 “” for the largest. In the case of gasoline engines, the range extends from the T4 to the T6 – for a large and heavy car like the V70, however, gasoline engines are second choice due to their high consumption. It is better to drive with one of the medium diesels, such as the 126 hp or 163 hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder or the 2.4-liter five-cylinder with 163 hp, which also has a beautiful soundscape for a diesel.

Overall, the performance range of the V70 extends from 109 hp (1.6 D) to 305 hp (T6 AWD) across all years. The station wagon is probably the most classic model in the Swedish range. Protecting occupants and other road users is one of Volvo’s traditional strengths. The V70 is no exception and offers six airbags and anti-skid ESP in the basic version. The body structure is also as stable as usual, so that it was enough for five stars in the 2008 crash test. What is really impressive, however, is the list of options, which includes almost all safety systems that were among the assistant avant-garde at the time.

In addition to lane departure warning systems and blind spot radar, this also includes active cruise control and, since the facelift in 2011, a collision warning system. When it comes to comfort extras, there is a wide range of options; But even the basic version with air conditioning, load compartment fixing kit and CD radio is impressive. The range of comfort extras is large. The V70 is a long-haul car – and so the odometer readings are often very high even at the early general inspection appointments. It is clear that at TÜV it is not enough for a sparkling white vest.

The excessive steering play, leaks in the exhaust system and worn axle joints are often criticized. Often not everything is right when it comes to lighting. The daytime running lights in particular cause problems – although the technology has long been mandatory in Sweden. Occasionally there is also trouble with the turbochargers of the diesels supplied by Peugeot (1.6 liters) and Ford (2.0 liters), but the bottom line is that the station wagon is quite solid given the high performance. However, caution is advised with vehicles that are often driven with a trailer – not uncommon with the V70, thanks to all-wheel drive and a trailer load of up to 1800 kilograms, it is more or less the case as a towing vehicle. The V70 is a discontinued model.

Its successor, the V90, will be launched at the end of the year – in a much less angular style. Accordingly, the prices for the angular station wagon should tend to fall in the future. The big Volvo will not necessarily be cheap as a result: Around 10,000 euros should already be in the budget. Source:, sni / sp-x “News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles by on the subject of National Socialism ASSOCIATED PRESS The ban on “” Home-loyal German youth “” is in effect. The admiration of the Hitler Youth and the internal customs suggest an unacceptable proximity to National Socialism, the Federal Administrative Court ruled. After a long, tough struggle, the Topography of Terror Foundation opens its documentation center. speaks with the director of the foundation, Andreas Nachama. Interior Senator Körting justifies the ban with a “” affinity with National Socialism “”. The group consists of about 30 members.

With Hitler against HIV: A Hamburg advertising agency has started an anti-AIDS campaign with Adolf Hitler having sex. The message: “” AIDS is a mass murderer “”. The German Aids Aid calls for an immediate stop.

This disgusting commercial ridiculed all victims of National Socialism. Anneliese Knoop-Graf has died. The contemporary witness of the German resistance against National Socialism was 88 years old.

Due to unresolved ownership, the police in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, have an interesting find for historians from the time of National Socialism. According to a magazine report, textbooks are circulating in the Bundeswehr that are shaped by the spirit of the Wehrmacht from the time of National Socialism. During National Socialism, from 1937 until the liberation on April 11, 1945, around 250,000 people from 36 countries were deported to the Buchenwald concentration camp. The Briton Richard Williamson repeatedly denied the full extent of the genocide of the Jews during National Socialism.

The Briton Richard Williamson repeatedly denied the full extent of the genocide of the Jews during National Socialism. “It gets lonely around him: Michael Wendler. (Photo: imago images / Future Image) Michael Wendler’s path into oblivion is gradually becoming infinite History. Now that his manager has finally turned away from him, the singer gives back. Most of all, however, many are now concerned with the question of how things should go on with Laura. Do all the reports have to be about Michael Wendler?

Wouldn’t it be much more appropriate to punish the self-proclaimed “Corona realist” with disregard? Yes, these questions can be asked. But the drama of the fallen pop star still holds enough surprises, twists and turns and potential for outrage that would simply be too good to ignore. All Wendler critics should be said: don’t worry, the singer’s departure from the big stage may take a little longer, but the story is not infinite.

Especially not, since Wendler’s manager Markus Krampe broke up with him at the weekend. “” Today I will give up the management of Michael “”, Krampe announced on his Instagram page. For a long time he had tried to somehow hold up his protégé. But as Krampe suggests, the previously known twists and turns of the musician are possibly only the tip of an iceberg.

When he tried to sweep up the pieces recently, he found out many things “” that are so explosive and that I never expected “” that he no longer “” not only works as a manager but also as a friend can represent “”, so Krampe ambiguously. Wendler had already knocked out one audible for everyone on his reopened channel with the messenger service Telegram. “A compulsory vaccination is being implemented,” he said, referring to the coronavirus – although the compulsory vaccination has so far only been something that haunted the minds of some extreme critics of the measures against the pandemic. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn, on the other hand, has stressed several times that it will not exist. Wendler immediately responded to the departure from his manager with a poison-and-gall post. “Markus Krampe has probably resigned from management today because of media pressure,” the singer announced his view of things. “” It’s a shame that you buckled, “” he said to his ex-mentor at the same time. But Wendler didn’t stop there. Instead, he followed up on Telegram with a conspiratorial impetus: “” I find that very regrettable because he knows exactly what situation Germany is in – and the world too, “” he launched.

At the same time, he called on his remaining and new followers to give Krampe a good start. “” I hope that there are some of you who will contact him and make it clear to him whose side he has taken, “said Wendler. The manager can only say about it in a new interview with the” Bild “newspaper still shake your head. “” That is of course very unfortunate. This is how you quickly go from being the greatest supporter and helper to becoming the greatest enemy, “” says Krampe, pouring out his heart. “” Michael Wendler has recently done a lot of actions that are not understandable for normal thinking people – and maybe that’s one of them again, “” he adds. While Wendler is increasingly sidelining himself, the focus is increasingly on the question of what all this actually means for his wife Laura Müller.

After all, she too had Krampe under his wing. In principle, the manager would like to continue to look after you. “” She would have all the options – if she would distance herself clearly from Michael Wendler’s views, “” he is certain in the “” Bild “” conversation. Nevertheless, he is skeptical that this will happen. “” I think Michael Wendler will have a good word with her when she comes up with the idea of ​​working with me, “” he says in an interview with RTL. Perhaps Wendler won’t wake up until his too hitherto silent woman does. Then, however, his critics may have already won – and there has been no reporting about him for a long time. Source:, vpr “Michael Wendler is obviously not clear in the head the ears fly, Michael Wendler stops his Telegram channel. Now the pop singer is back on the controversial messenger service.

His manager has the bad feeling “” that it is even a bit more blatant at the moment “” The self-imposed Telegram break is apparently over: Despite announcements to the contrary, something is happening again in the channel of pop singer Michael Wendler on the controversial messenger service. After a long break, several entries by the singer appeared – including voice messages in which Wendler could apparently be heard himself. His manager Markus Krampe confirmed that it was the singer: “” Unfortunately, he is himself. “” 100 – Percentage certainty that it was actually Wendler himself who revived the Telegram account did not initially exist – also because the pop singer did not give his own confirmation in any other way.