Powerfully Evocative Motherhood Stories for Mother’s Day 2019

Imagine the beauty, this world would have been, had there been a little of the motherhood in every heart. All of us would have been satisfied with love, life, and living. There would have been no wars, no form of human created destruction, and no hate, in nutshell.

Mothers Day

A mother is unquestionably the greatest creations of God! Her odyssey from the day she bears her child till she dies, is strenuously inspiring. A mother’s spiritual love acts as a mascot for her children, making their life a celebration. The affection in her eyes outdoes any form of love!

At www.mothersdaycelebration.com, we believe that the message should get entrenched deeply in every cell of our soul & body. Mother’s day 2019 is going to be celebrated on 12th of May and it’s the time to celebrate motherhood. We have some some immensely inspiring real life stories to testify the strength motherhood is. Let’s read them to get inspired once again…

Livey Van Wyk & her unflinching Faith being a Mother

In her teen Livey got pregnant. At the same time she was diagnosed with HIV. Not only she audaciously gave birth to her child, but later she also became the youngest mayor of Namibia.

The story of Livey Van Wyk is one of the best examples of a mother’s perennial love! At the tender age of 17, Livey was diagnosed with HIV and that was when she was pregnant. But, she did not surrender to the circumstances that was not in her favour.

Probably, it was the motherhood inside her that gave her this kind of strength. Even after getting rejection from everywhere she decided to fight. At the time, when HIV infected people were not infected and it was considered a stigma, Livey announced her about her HIV status. She also gave birth to an absolutely healthy baby boy, Remi who has now turned to 13. She and her child share a very strong bond and she has often been spotted quoting that her child is her greatest strength. She never stopped winning and after completing her studies became the youngest mayor of Namibia.

Neveen Barakat : An Audacious Single Mother

Naveen had a six year old daughter when she lost her husband in an attack that took place on a school. Also, in this attack three of her children were injured she herself suffered permanent disability. She was also injured mentally seeing many people with highest level of injuries. Some of them with missing hands, some with legs missing, and many more. Her father was also killed in the blast and she was paralyzed mentally too. But, Barakat did not succumbed to the circumstances and the unwelcome havoc that she was encountering. She did whatever she could to raise her children normally. She showed to the world that mother inside you can give the strength to come out successfully from any kind of adversity. There is a soulful connection between mother and her children that kind of strength.

Mother Teresa: The Lady who Taught the meaning of Motherhood

Born in Albania, Mother Teresa devoted her life to mothering the world. She was the real meaning of motherhood. She started her Charity Missionary in India (Calcutta). Beginning this work in 1950 she made every effort to look after and mother the sick, poor, dying, and orphaned. She became a nun at a very tender age and decided to help the world grow. Her act was one-of-its-kind super example of how motherly love and compassion can alone make a huge difference.

Let us celebrate this beautiful gift of the almighty “motherhood”. Let’s make every mother feel that she is awesomely unique creation of God. Let’s make here realize that the world exists because she exists. On the occasion of Mother’s Day let us make her feel as special as she has made us feel. Let us bow our heads in front of the Lord and pray to keep this precious creation, “mother” flourishing always.

Top 10 Stupefying Gift Ideas for Gorgeous Moms on Mother’s Day

In the darkest of days without hope and full of despair, a mother is like a ray of sunshine and a gunny bag of happiness in her child’s life. She is no less than a fairy who can fulfill dreams with just a twist of a wand and infuse one’s life with all the joy and contentment. Her presence in one’s life has such a power that it kicks away the fears and insecurities which an innocent heart of a child beholds. The popular French poet and novelist of the Romantic movement, Victor Hugo, has beautifully expressed the power and magic of mother’s arms in his famous heart touching lines, “A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.”

The fondness for mothers in children’s heart is the crux of the widespread celebrations of Mother’s Day all over the world. Understanding and appreciating motherly love on this occasion holds the essence of this special occasion. Their love for their children is inevitable and infinite, and no one can deny this universal truth. So, on this Mother’s Day 2019, plan something really extravagant for your beautiful and loving mother who is an epitome of love, care, strength, zeal, and immense affection.

If you are wondering about the best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to flabbergast your special lady on this big day, then browse through the below gift ideas for a remarkable Mother’s Day celebration ever!

1. Mother’s Day Flowers

Flowers are lauded as the perfect gifts to stun the ladies on special occasions irrespective of the age factors. The bright-coloured petals and the mesmerizing fragrances of the blossoms will imbue them with happiness and gaiety. Chrysanthemums and carnations hold immense significance on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Picking up a lavish floral arrangement made with these flowers will certainly uplifts the spirit of this day.

2. Handmade Gifts

Mothers are extremely emotional over gifts which are handcrafted by her children just for her. Whether it’s a sweet greeting card or a cute scrapbook filled with family pictures, she just can’t stop praising the efforts of her child in creating these wonderful gifts on Mother’s Day. So, invoke the creative artist in you this Mum’s Day 2019 and create something unusual and appealing for your loving and doting mother.

3. Jewellery

The long and tiring professional lives leaves most of the people with less time for their mothers. So, this Mother’s Day, shower immense love and affection on their mother with jewellery that is no less than a masterpiece. Get the most chic and antique jewellery pieces this Mother’s Day and flabbergast your endearing mother.

4. Photo Gifts

Photos are the biggest keepsakes in anyone’s life. They capture beautiful and happy memories which people have spent with their mothers in their childhood. Going for personalized gifts like photo frames or wall hangings is a stunning idea for Mother’s Day gifts 2019.

5. Dinner Date

Be it a son or daughter, going on a dinner date with your mom is certainly the best idea to indulge in the Mother’s Day celebrations. The lip-smacking food and a fun-filled evening will uplift the moods of the jollifications. This is undoubtedly a great gesture to spend quality time with your mom which you don’t get on schedule-packed days.

6. Spa Gift Vouchers

Spa centres opened in every nook and country is a wonderful way to take a break from the hectic and fast-paced lives of today. Mothers, who get too entangled in the daily household chores, lack any time of relaxation. So, the spa gift vouchers as Mother’s Day gifts are an amazing idea to express your love and care towards your mother. She will certainly enjoy this incredible gift and feel more rejuvenated after the spa session.

7. Books & Novels

It is wonderfully said that books are the biggest companions when you are all alone. Not all mothers are crazy fans of over dramatic daily soaps, some like to spend good time at home reading interesting books and novels. Gift a book or a novel with an interesting and gripping plot to your mother that will keep her on the edge until the suspense is revealed.

8. Automatic dishwasher

A mother’s hands should just be meant to caress and comfort her children who longs for her love and affection. She is the queen of our hearts and deserves only love and pampering for all that she has done for us. Surprise her with an automatic dishwasher that will keep her hands soft and warm.

9. Family Vacation

A mother is the one who keep the family together. Express your love and gratitude to her by planning a vacation with your family to one of the most adventurous locations. Have a wonderful time there with the family on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

10. A Family Get Together

Mothers always wish that their families stay happily together forever. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, surprise her with a “big happy family” get together inviting everyone close in the relations. The laughter, happiness, delicious good, delectable wines, and of course, the mouth-watering Mother’s Day cakes will heighten the fun and enthusiasm in the celebrations.

Take this Mother’s Day as an opportunity to convey your love and due regards to your mother in the loudest way. Don’t suppress your emotions, but let them come out in front of your mother and make her acquainted with your heartfelt feelings for her.

Have a great and enthusiastic Mother’s Day 2019!

7 Incredible Women Perfectly Donning the Role of Mothers to Neglected Children

A woman’s heart is like an ocean; nobody can tell how deep it is. And, when she becomes a mother, its depth reaches to the next level altogether. But, the feelings and emotions of motherly love and affection is not just a matter of experience by the biological mothers, it can be felt by any woman in this world who has a kind heart, loves children and wish to give them a better life. This Mother’s Day, we will not just appreciate the efforts and sacrifices of the mothers in raising their children and making them a good human being, but we will also take notice of the women who have devoted their whole life for the betterment of orphaned children in the society.

Nobody can understand the pain and sufferings of children who don’t have parents to look after them. They are all alone in this cruel world and have to survive by themselves. But, there are women all over the world who are familiar with their plight either owing to their personal experiences or for the sympathy they have for them; they wish to make a change by adopting them and giving them a good and healthy life. They are like pillars of strength for these children; where a biological mother only takes care of her children, these women have selflessly dedicated their lives for the well-being of hundreds and thousands of orphaned children.

Let’s read about them and know them better-

1. Sindhutai Sapkal

Sindhutai Sapkal

Giving shelter and food to 1400 orphan children is not duck soup. But, Sindhutai Sapkal proved it. She provided them with a good education, married them, and helped them in settling down in life. Sindhutai even begged on the streets to feed her adopted children, and she ensured that no child sleeps without food in his/her stomach. The children whom she adopted were never given up for adoption and treated them as her own. She even sent her own biological daughter to an NGO to save herself from differentiating between her daughter and other adopted children. She is a proud owner of more than 500 awards for her courage and compassion. Who does that! Sindhutai is certainly an epitome of sheer motherly love that is selfless and deep.

2. Prakash Kaur

Prakash Kaur

A girl child is still considered as an ‘unwanted child’ in the family in many parts of the country leading to the crime of female foeticide. Some families even left their little newborn girls on the streets or in the temples to save themselves from spending on their education and marriage. Prakash Kaur, herself a victim of this cruelty, pushed herself in supporting other girl children in India who goes through the same plight. She strives to give them a secure home and future. This lady is like a ray of hope in the lives or unclaimed and unwanted newborn girls who call Prakash “mother”. Her shelter home “Unique Home for Girls” is touching the lives of many girls who have been cruelly shunned by their own families. Even though she has her own family, her motherly love and affection for her adopted girls never faded away.

3. Dr. Jane Aronson

Dr. Jane Aronson

Being a medical practitioner, Dr. Jane Aronson visited several orphanages all over the world which made her acquainted with the harsh conditions of children staying there. Extremely moved by seeing their plight, she decided to do something for them. She founded an organization by the name Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO) in 1997 that provides its services to orphaned children. She understood the fact that there are millions of orphan children worldwide who do not have access to the basic necessities and lacked any kind of love and attention. Her organization provided the orphaned children with medical care, education, and psychological and social support in order to make them confident, competent, and prospering individuals who can lead to a change around them.

4. Annapurna Dash

Annapurna Das

In a world where mothers disown their children owing to unfavorable circumstances, Annapurna Dash dedicatedly served as a mother to over 25 orphan children in an NGO in Bhubaneswar. Though being a Masters in Economics, she decided to join a childcare NGO, SOS Children’s Village in Bhubaneswar. It’s been more than 25 years that Annapurna has completely dedicated her life in raising orphan children with her love and affection and helped them carve a better future for themselves. She is called as “maa” by them, and she too considers them as ‘her children’. Today, though she has retired from the NGO, she never went back to her family and has adopted some children from her NGO.

5. Caroline Boudreau

Caroline Boudreau

Just at the age of 30, Caroline Boudreau has everything anyone can think of. A good-pay job in TV advertising company, a shiny car, a plush house, and an amazing social life, but she was still unhappy and lacked motivation. While on her journey to India, she came across an orphanage in a small village where the children were desperate for love and attention, where she finds the purpose of her life – caring for orphaned children. This is how her Miracle Foundation came into existence with a goal of supporting and empowering children to make them reach their whole potential and getting rid of any use of orphanages by 2040. Today, she is no more working at the advertising company but has diverted her all time and efforts in running her foundation.

6. Carrie Steele

Carrie Steele

Carrie Steele is the name behind the oldest black orphanage in the United States of America. Being an orphan herself, she became acquainted with the heart quenching conditions of children while working as a matron at a railroad station in Atlanta. There she saw many young children and babies who were abandoned by their families and left at the station. She started taking care of these homeless children like their own mother. Facing funds scarcity in raising these children up, she sold her house and gathered other funds from her black community to build a shelter for these abandoned children. This shelter home is considered as the oldest social institutions in the United States.

7. Jasveer Kaur

The 45-year old Jasveer Kaur is an epitome of motherly love and affection for the orphaned children. Though unmarried, Jasveer is a mother to more than 450 children who are sheltered at her SGB Children’s Home. Since childhood, she has the aim of doing something for the society and soon she found her motive in taking care of these children. It’s been more than 22 years she has donning the role of a mother for these abandoned children and striving to give them a better life.

Jasveer Kaur

As the world is about to indulge in Mother’s Day celebrations in about a month, knowing about these women becomes essential. Though the children for whom they are working so hard day and night are not their biological children, but they have left no stones unturned in showering their love and blessings on them. We truly applaud the spirits of these wonderful mothers who have stood by their dedication and motivation to give these abandoned kids a life that they love and cherish.

Have a good Mother’s Day!

What are the things that make you lucky if you have a mother?

Mother’s love can overturn every bad situation into a good one! There is some magical power that God has given to all the mothers. In essence, she is like a second God to her children and the fact that she so beautifully creates a new human being from her love, affection, care, motherhood.

Always Love your mother because you will never get another (Love you Mom)

Love you mom

The absence of mother in someone’s life vitiates many aspects of his/her living. Ask those who do not have mother and they will explain how had it made their survival tough. She is the greatest healer who can knowingly or unknowingly makes your life beautiful.

Here is a list of things that makes you Happy if you have a mother…….

1. Mother’s Love – Fertilizer for One’s healthy Upbringing

Mother's Love

You can have a healthy upbringing only if you have gotten the chance to receive your mother’s love. For those, who have lost their mother in the very early age, it’s hard for them feel their self worth. Often these children feel unworthy of love and it becomes too difficult for them cope up with the world.

2. Her Kind words – An all time Counselor

Mother Kind Words

No where you will find such soothing words that is so immensely powerful to cope with the negativities of the world. A mother is the best ever powerful counselor that you would ever encounter in your life. She knows how to make her children feel loved and comfortable in every situation however good or bad it is.

3. Mother’s Eyes – A Mirror to the Society

Mother's Eyes

Your mother’s eyes show the real face of the world to you! At every stage of life a mother makes you aware of the way this people in the world work. It is the tenderness of heart that slowly and gradually makes you understand the intricacies of the world and helps you cope up with the people around you and their diverse behaviors.

4. Mother’s Lap – The most soothing resting Place

Mother's Lap

And, the safest place you could ever find on this earth is your Mother’s lap as that is the place where you are guarded by your mother’s soothing love. There is some special kind of aura around a mother’s lap that keeps away all the evil eyes. Once you are in that area nothing can create any disturbance in your life.

5. Mother – The most trustworthy Friend


No friend can be as trustworthy as that of a mother! She is the one who like a best friend and more than that will listen to all your craps and will find solution to your problems silently. She will never judge you and most importantly she will never leave you whatever happens. You can talk your heart and be sure that you will not be judged at any point in time.

6. You will have an all time Doctor


You will not need to consult a doctor for every little thing as your mother will fulfill that need at most of the times. She will always have a remedy ready for you at the first hand if it’s not something so big. So, one should never ignore the love of a mother, because that is the most precious thing in the entire Universe and you could never buy it.

7. Make you a civilized person

A mother’s love, affection, care and everything combined together, brings about a civilized human being out of you. In the absence of these significant ingredients of life, it becomes tough for people to become aware of the civilized way of life.

Make you a civilized person

These are just a few of the things that all those children enjoy who are privileged with love of mothers. We must understand the importance of having a mother in our life and should respect all the sacrifices that she does. Mother’s day 2018 is approaching and it is the most apt time to make your mother feel loved and cared for. Buy some endearing mother’s day gifts and make your mother feel special.

We must always keep in mind that it is the mother who has inadvertently given us all the successes in life and we are obliged to bring about happiness in her life. No matter where you are no matter what you are doing never forget your mother loves eyes. They are a reservoir of your happiness!!

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Here’s 10 Best Bollywood Songs Depicting a Mother’s Love

A mother is someone you can trust with your eyes closed! She is probably the only person in the world who has solution to all your problems. Her happiness lingers around her children’s happiness and that is what differentiates her love from the love of anyone else in the entire world.

And, so Mother’s day is observed to celebrate this wonderfully beautiful creature of the Universe who has the most beautiful and affectionate soul in the entire world. Mother’s Day 2018 is just around the corner and it is going to be celebrated on 13th of May. Here is list of some heart touching songs that you can play on Mother’s Day and make your Mom feel all the love and affection.

Mother’s Day Songs (Bollywood)

1. Meri Maa

Taare Zameen Par Movie

Film: Taare Zameen Par
Music: Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

This is one of the most loved songs dedicated to motherhood and how her love is an antidote to ll the pains of the life. This is definitely going to bring tears into your eyes and so keep a box of wipe tissues ready.

2. Tu Kitni Achhi Hai

Raja Aur Runk Movie

Film: Raja Aur Runk
Music: Laxmikant Pyarelal
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar

Raja aur Rank is the Bollywood adaptation of the movie The Prince and the Pauper. This song beautifully captures the soothing love of mother.

3. Aisa Kyu Maa

Neeraja Movie

Film: Neeraja
Music: Vishal Khurana
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan

The song beautifully showcases the strong relationship between a mother and daughter and how a mother’s clairvoyance works for her daughters.

4. Khushiyon Ka Din Aya Hai

Beta Movie

Film: Beta
Music: Anand-Milind
Singer: Anuradha Paudwal

This song is the innocent expression of a child after finding a step mother on demise of his real mother. The lyric of the song innocently depicts the craving of a child for mother’s love!

5. Teri Ungli Pakad Ke Chala

Laadla Movie

Film: Laadla
Music: Anand-Milind
Singer: Udit Narayan, Jyotsna Hardikar

This song is a must have in the mother’s day song list as that will surely bring an emotional touch in the atmosphere. It showcases the undying love of a son for his mother.

6. Maine Maa Ko Dekha Hai

Mastana Movie

Film: Mastana
Music: Laxmikant Pyarelal
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar

This song depicts the significance of a mother’s love and how a child feels incomplete in the absence of a mother’s love.
This song aptly reflects the pain of a neglected child growing up in a rich household. Nain-Tara, a young child, has a mother, but longs for the mother to actually love her and care for her, look after her, the way a mother would.

7. Meri Duniya Hai Maa Tere Aanchal Mein

Talaash Movie

Film: Talaash
Music: S. D. Burman
Singer: S. D. Burman

This song is something that will definitely touch the deepest chords of your heart and will make you feel like hugging your mother.

8. Chunar

ABCD 2 Movie

Film: ABCD 2
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Singer: Arijit Singh

A mother is so powerful that she can beautifully shape up your life and bring in that beautiful you in the outer world. This song depicts how a mother’s love can inspire to take up the hardest task even if she is not present physically.

9. Janam Janam

Phata Poster Nikla Hero Movie

Film: Phata Poster Nikla Hero
Singer: Atif Aslam

The song is the vivid depiction of the beautiful and the innocent bond of the love that is shared between a mother and her son.

10. Maa, Dekhi jabse duniya

All New Everything

Album: All New Everything
Singer: Parichay (Indo-Canadian)

This song will be perfect for the occasion of Mother’s day as it so beautifully depicts a Mother’s love as the most precious gift of God.

Strengthen your Bond with Poignant Mother’s Day Messages, Quotes and Poems

Mother’s day 2018 is approaching very fast and this is high time that every son/daughter must get in the shoes with all the preparations. The first thing that you will need to do is finding best of the Mother’s Day messages, quotes and poems and another way of wishing on the night of Mother’s Day. To help you out we have jotted down some heart-touching Mother’s day quotes and messages. Find them below…

Mothers day quotes

Mother’s Day Messages

1. There is something very special, something very beautiful about having my mother by my side. It’s amazing to rest in your lap. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!

2. I am quite blessed that I have found this perfect and loving space in your lap. Everything is amazing when I am lying here.

3. How great it feels to have you by my side every time I need! Happy Mother’s Day Mommy

4. I am making one promise today, no matter where I will go, no matter what I will do; you will be my first priority. Happy Mother’s Day Mom

5. You are my Angel and I will never leave my Angel, not for a moment, not for a minute and not for a second. Love you, Mom,

6. It’s such a wonderful feeling that I can have such a beautiful person and a beautiful heart by my side. Mother, you have been the strongest pillars of my life.

7. It makes me feel wonderful that I came in this world via your peaceful tummy. Happy Mother’s day Mom

Mother’s Day Quotes

1. Whatever a mother does cannot be done by the strongest of the person in the world. She is blessed with the power to fight it all with a smile on the face.

2. Loving is something that is engraved into the deepest corners of every Mothers’ heart and she makes our life beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day!!

3. I am special because my mother had always made me feel that way. Thank you, Mom,

4. Where there’s my Mom, I feel loved and care for!! Happy Mother’s Day Mommy

5. Mother, you have stood by my side always and I also want to do that same for you! Love you, Mom,

6. Whenever there was this rain of hopelessness you have made me feel strong. Nothing could have been a more beautiful gift of God than my Mommy. Lots of love Mommy from her little one!!

7. I know you have gone through so much pain for me all through your life and now that I am grown up you I want to enjoy all that you have not been able to. Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Poems

For my Mommy
I will do everything for my Mommy,
The pain, the happiness,
I will share with my Mommy,
All that I am is for my Mommy,
All that I will do is for my Mommy,
Love you, Mom

I Love you, Mom,
Nothing can be as pleasant as your Love,
Nothing is as serene as your love,
Nothing is as pure as my Mother’s love,
I want her to be around always,
Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!

For my Mother in Heaven
Mommy, I want to tell you something,
I want you to know, I miss you every day
I want you to know, your daughter is happy here,
I want you to know, sometimes I feel like touching you,
Sometimes I feel like hugging you,
Sometimes I feel like resting my head in your lap,
To my Mommy in heaven!  I Love you, Mom,
Happy Mother’s Day

The Bunch of Love
Hey Mom, you are such a beautiful bunch of love,
You are such a perfect piece of affection,
I grow and feel like you have grown,
I wonder, from where does that bunch of benevolence come?
Happy Mother’s day to my strongest Mom


About Sushmita Sen and her Courage to become a Single Mother

We often feel that humanity is hard to find, but in every sphere of life, you will find people who will present before you the larger picture of life. Sushmita Sen is one of the examples who has proven that people who actually want to make a change do exist.

Sushmita Sen

One can imagine how tough it is for women to take care of their children alone! And, Sushmita was that someone who became a single mother on her will. She is a successful single mother of two adopted girl children and that is quite courageous for women especially in a country like India.

The story of her Adoption and of being a Single Mother


A few years before only those couples, who sue to some reason could not have their biological child used to go for the option of adopting a child. But, thankfully, today it has expanded its horizon and even the people who have their own children are opting to adopt a child. And, there are a few great one’ who are even adopting abandoned children to become a single parent. Sushmita Sen is the aptest example of that case, who has been a successful single mother of two adopted children.

A Brief Description of her Life

Sushmita does not only hold the title of Miss Universe for her outer appearance but the beautiful soul that she is born with is also incredible. She was introduced to the world when she became Miss Universe in 1994. And, after her fame as Miss Universe, she started getting movie offers and gradually she landed into Bollywood. Throughout her career, she has been a recipient of several awards including Film Fare Award, IIFA Award, Star Screen Award and many more. Apart from that, she is also the recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Award in 2006 for her work in Bollywood.

Brief about Susmita Sen

It may have been tough for her to fight the battle to become a single mother, but she never gave up on her dream and love for being a mother. She had a great love for kid’s right from the age of 18 and then only she had decided to adopt a child. Her courage has given women a new and progressive way of life by adopting girl child and becoming a successful and happy single Mother.

The thing that makes it feel incredible is the way she looks happy and joyous being a single mother. It was quite tough for her to pursue her dream of adoption but she fought all the odds.

Sushmita’s first Adoption

She adopted her first child in 2000 when she was merely 25 years old and her act inspired millions of people around the world. It was a girl child and she named her Renee! She has often been spotted saying, “She’s not born from my stomach but from my heart.” She has always been a caring and loving mother but that did not stop her from completing her career obligation.

Sushmita sen first adoption


She is often accompanied by Renee for fashion events and various other major inaugurals. Renee also dreams to take part in the Miss Universe Pageant and make her mother happy by bringing home the trophy. Sushmita had proudly built for her a beautiful family with her two beautiful daughters.

Sushmita’s Second Adoption

After 10 years of her first adoption Sushmita stunned people by adopting her second girl child in 2010. She named her Alisha who was just 3 months old when she entered into Sushmita’s world. Alisha was a quiet baby and Sushmita was happy shopping for her little Angel! Renee, Sushmita’s first child also was quite excited to welcome her sister.

Sushmita Sen Second Adoption

This very thought of embarking on to this journey makes her special and it proves that title of Miss Universe that she won several years back was something that she actually deserves. In all this, she has brought not only happiness to the children but also to herself with a sense of having been able to make a difference. She is a perfect example of a mother and she deserves to be celebrated on Mother’s day 2018.


Top 11 Mother’s day gifts to Win Your Mom’s Heart

It’s incredible that an ordinary woman, a few days ago, who was just like the other person, turns out to be so strong, the moment she becomes a mother. It’s hard to find from where she gathers all the strength. But, one thing that we can do is to respect her love, affection and the strength to give life to a life.

Happy Mothers Day

If we will think a little deeper, we will find out how empowered a mother is. The only fact that she is born with a mechanism that can create an entire new human structure is incredulous. This mechanism with which a mother has inside her is the greatest gift of nature and must respect that gift. Mother’s Day 2018 is approaching and it’s the time when each one us can do something and find the best Mother’s Day gift and make her feel special and loved.

Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas that can be the best way showing love and bringing in peace with creation of the nature….

1. Jewellery


There isn’t any woman that God had made who can deny about their love for Jewelleries! And, gifting a set of beautiful and your Mother’s favourite Jewellery can be one of the best ideas to bank upon.

2. Apparels


Another loved gift for your mother could be her favourite gown or apparel in the style that will be most loved by her. Choose Western or ethical style as per her choice.

3. Greeting Card

Greeting Card

The best thing about Mother’s day greeting card is that there is a lot of scope to put forth a bunch of heart-touching lines to convey your message. There are a plenty of online portal via which you can send gifts to India and they also have a beautiful collection of greeting cards.

4. DIY Gift

DIY Gift

DIY gifts are often recommended but not always because they are affordable but because of the fact that a DIY gift can actually reveal the real feeling of your heart. It can be as small as a greeting card but it will mean to a lot to your mother.

5. Decorative Items

Decorative Items

Women generally are keen to decorating their home with beautiful items. You pretty much excite your mother by bringing for her some home decor items for Mother’s Day.

6. Flowers for Mother’s Day

Flower For Mothers Day


Flowers are uplifting in nature!! With the positive energy that it brings in it’s surrounding, flowers can change the state of one’s mind into a happy and joyous one. Gift your mother positivity, happiness and joy.

7. Perfume Set

Perfume Set

We all have the somewhere inside the desire to spread fragrance in any form. One of the manmade created ways is perfumes and its one of the best ways to spread fragrance around. Your mother will always love set of perfume.

8. Happiness Planner

Happiness Planner

All her life she has done everything for you and thought too much about the entire family. Now is the time to encourage her to do something for her own happiness. Gift her happiness planer which will help her set goals, practice gratitude and learn to focus on positive aspects.

9. Handbag


No women can resist their craving and love for handbags! A beautiful trendy handbag will perfectly be suitable for Mother’s Day gift. Just be particular about her choice and preferences.

10. Book Shelf

Book Shelf

Though all mothers will like a Book Shelf to make a good arrangement of books at their home, it will particularly be a great gift for Mother’s Day. Make sure it looks elegant and classy and she will love it.

11. Thank you Mom Book

You have not yet thanked your mother till now; for all that she has done all her life? You have an opportunity to show your gratitude. On Mother’s Day 2018, you can gift her “Thank you book”, that is the best way of showing your gratitude to your Mother.

Thank you Mom Book

And, don’t ever forget to thank technology because it is something that has made everything so very much easily accessible. There are a variety of online portals from where you can send Mother’s Day gifts to India and to other parts of the world in the blink of the eyes.

Mother Teresa: Top 7 Mothering Ways to Transform the World

Mother Teresa once said that “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing”, and can we ever imagine, how many such gifts we have gotten from our own Mothers. It’s incredible; the way she smiles every time, after looking at her children faces and that compels us to envision strength that she hides in her heart.

Mother Teresa Miracles

Thinking of Mother Teresa and her act of adopting the whole world as her children is the greatest epitome of motherhood. The love, compassion and affection that she had for her children in her heart an incredible example of the power of the term “Mother”. It creates wonders!!

Here are 7 ways by which Mothers can change the world as taught by Mother Teresa…..

1. “Teach children the art of Loving the family in every situation”

Mother Teresa - 2

No matter what is bothering you and the family, it is very important that you are always well behaved, compassionate and loving towards each and every member of the family. Because, that’s what your child is going to imitate! Be very conscious to teach love and compassion in the family.

2. “Let the magic of Joy be infectious. Let it spread through the air!”

Mother Teresa

There is happiness in being happy!! Keep that mantra always into your front pocket and never let your smile disappear because of any situation. Joy is actually infectious and the more of it you will have the more it will spread through. So, in every situation, be happy and joyous!!

3. “Teach children to keep their connections alive”

Mother Teresa - 4

In this fast paced world, the tragedy is that we are forgetting to gathering happiness from the small things. Discovering the new ones is absolutely great but not at the cost of killing our relationships. You must show your children the importance of the family, friends and other connections. It will enrich their life!

4. “Praying is Miraculous: Teach your children to Pray”

Mata Teresa

Praying does not need you to be mechanical, you can world and pray simultaneously. It will not be a hindrance to any of your tasks rather it will make you stronger in your endeavours. Simply saying in your heart, “I love you God”, “I trust you God”, will create wonders!!

5. Get your children acquainted with the tagline “do not worrying”

Mother Teresa Thought

The art of living teaches us to dissolve all your worries because at the end of it, they are not going to do any good to you. Have faith in the almighty, if he has brought you into the situation, he will definitely take care of it. Let the past pass with smile because God has something special for you. Teach your children that faith in God is the key!

6. “Love people around, don’t judge them”

About Mother Teresa

If you will keep judging people, you will have no time to love them!! So, it’s important for mothers to teach their children that judging will bring good, neither to you nor to the person you are making judgement about. But, loving can create miracles and transform worst into the best!!

7. “Every Mother must teach their children to use kind words while speaking”

Teresa Mother

All the education, all the teachings and everything else is worthless, if you can’t use kind words while talking to people. Every mother should make it clear to their children that the most important lesson they can learn from their life if “speaking kind words”.

Celebrate Mother’s Day 2018 – Inspirational Mother’s Day Quotes

What is it that makes a Mother Strong?

Every time you smile, I draw a lot of strength from the heavens!! What is astounding about a mother-child relationship is that little creature keeps on pouring the incredible strength in its mother’s life. Probably, it’s her little glittering eyes whose shining bright light fills every cell of a mother with sublime energy.

Mothers Day

The profoundly deep and innocence of her child remains in her heart for all of her life and she keeps nurturing it. As long as she lives, she lives with the incredible strength of fighting anything for bringing happiness in her child’s life.

Here’s how a mother, at every stage of her child’s life keeps multiplying on her strength…..

1. When she comes to know that she is Pregnant

Mothers Day Celebration

The day she comes to know that her baby is somewhere inside her, it makes her feel delighted. There’s a special strength that she begins developing and that prepares her for being the best and the strongest mother. From that very day she starts feeling the strength to take up the pain of having her child.

2. When she gives birth to her child

Mother's Day

We are not aware of the fact but giving birth to a child is equal to getting 20 bones fractures at the same time. It is so very painful but a mother bears this pain with such strength that is incomparable and she brings out that strength from the kind of connection that she feels from her child. When she holds her child in her arms, she forgets everything that she had to go through. That happiness empowers her!!

3. The first few years of her Motherhood

Mother's Day Celebration

The few years of giving birth to the child are really very trying as it brings so much of transformations into a mother’s days and in nights. She is the one who has to do every little thing for her child and for that she has to make big changes in her schedule. Days and nights become same for her and she will have to take all the care for the child from mid-night to the early morning. And, the beautiful thing is that she just gets the strength to take up the responsibility with happiness.

4. When she watches growing up her child

Mother day

It’s not any exaggeration but the kind of strength that a mother has to fight with anyone for making every little dream of her child a truth is unparallel. She might not have been able to do something that she loved doing the most but she will make all the efforts to make it happen for her child. In her eyes her child is the most beautiful gift that she could ever get from heaven.

5. When her Child turns into a big grown-up person

Mother day

No matter how old you grow, your mother will always be there helping and guiding in every thick and thins. Some of the most incredible moments that you can spend in the times of happiness and in the times of despair or joy is only with you mother. God blesses her with all the strength to help her with the best advice that she could. Even if you have your children you can always feel the warmth of your mother’s lap.

A mother is a reservoir of energy, a powerhouse of love and the strongest thread of strength that fills the life of his children with happiness and merriment. It is the beautiful bond that God has created between a mother and child that gives her the strength to face all the pain and hardships in process of being a mother.

Mother’s day 2018 is approaching fast and it will be celebrated on 13th of May that is probably a month far. You must not forget to make your mother feel special with delighting Mother’s day quotes, wishes and messages for Mother.

Cheers to the strength of a Mother!!